I used to be prone to breakouts on my back until I discovered regular dry brushing with the Clarisonic brush, using the gray (firmer) brush head. Once I made it a habit – and I mean every day – bacne became a thing of my past.  A few weeks ago, I was sent the Clarisonic Plus, which I was delighted to see has a new body brush.

The Clarisonic Plus has a brush head that is significantly bigger than the face brush and it is a special body mode. This simple upgrade makes body brushing much more effective and my skin is really liking it.

Not only is my skin clear, I am not getting that winter build up of dry skin. It used to be so bad that some days I would see masses of dry skin cells inside my clothes when I took them off at night. Yes, gross. But now no more.

Clarisonic Plus also has three speeds for the face and costs $225, compared to $195 for the Classic. I wouldn’t trade in your Classic if it is still going strong, but if anyone is considering a Clarisonic, then it would definitely be worth going for a Plus.

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