clarity rx get fit serum

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by Marta on May 9, 2016


In a recent Truth In Aging team meeting, we were discussing the new product pipeline and I remarked that Clarity RX Get Fit was a game changer. I don’t often use this term to describe the latest serum I am testing and everyone was more than a little surprised. As I came to write this review I had to sanity check myself, can Clarity RX really be called a game changer? Yes, it can.

Clarity RX Get Fit Multi-peptide Healthy Skin Serum ($105.75 in the shop) is very much a Truth In Aging kind of product. It has six peptides, hyaluronic acid, seaweed and a couple of preservatives. That’s it. Basically, this is all about the heavy hitters with nothing extraneous. Indeed, Clarity RX promises that its products have “no extenders, fillers, [or] bulk ingredients.” Get Fit is a worthy example.

So what makes it a game changer? Well, I am astonished by the effect on wrinkles. As I often do when I start testing, I hone in one area so that I can isolate use of the product and get a good sense of whether it works on its own. The area I chose was my crow’s feet. I have been concerned that they were getting deeper and some cross-hatching was becoming noticeable. Clarity RX Get Fit has within 30 days actually diminished them.

I started to believe that results were tangible, although subtle, after about nine or ten days and I expanded my test to include my upper lip area and from lower lip to chin. I am seeing results there as well — some of the little grooves around my lips are definitely smaller. I also started to use the serum twice a day and, lo, accelerated the results.

Get Fit is a game changer in another sense, in that it has changed my thinking on a class of peptides known as neuropeptides. I have been a little skeptical about these since they arrived in anti-aging skincare as an ingredient called Argireline. These peptides are supposed to work on our neurotransmitters to inhibit the muscle movement that cause expression lines. To be brief, I wondered whether this peptide really worked since muscles do not become immobile in the way they do after a Botox injection. And if they did, wouldn’t the unused muscles atrophy? (You can read the longer version of these thoughts in my article Will Argireline Make My Skin Sag). And anyway, products with Argireline never seemed to yield much in the way of results

More recently, this class of peptides has become populated with new versions that little-by-little have begun to convince me as they work by different mechanisms. For example, Argireline works by blocking the release of acetylcholine. Whereas Syn-ake doesn’t block acetylcholine from its release, but from its uptake by the receptors. Syn-ake is deemed to be much more effective at reducing the frequency of muscle contractions.

Given the different mechanisms, it makes sense for a formula to hedge its bets and have, in the case of Get Fit, four available: Argireline, Syn-ake, pentapeptide-18 and SNAP-8. The two other peptides in the formula are collagen-boosting ones known as Matrixyl 3000.

There is no doubt that I will keep on using Clarity RX Get Fit Multi-peptide Healthy Skin Serum. I am interested to see if the results continue. I am also curious about the rest of this brand’s line. I certainly like their philosophy, which in their own words is about being responsibly sourced, safe and healthy, plant-based, results–driven, concentrated formulas, pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Game over.