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ClarityRx Nourish Your Skin 100% Squalane Moisturizing Oil Review

is a Solution for:
Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Fine Lines
ClarityRx Nourish Your Skin 100% Squalane Moisturizing Oil
July 5, 2017 Reviewed by Jessica Alexander 0 Comments
TRU Rating
The pure dose of squalane penetrates deeply to promote healing, hydration and protection


Hydrates without adding weight; softens and smooths the skin


May be too moisturizing for some skin types

When I was asked to review ClarityRx Nourish Your Skin 100% Squalane Moisturizing Oil ($42), I was extremely excited as I’ve had an ongoing love affair with two other ClarityRx products — Get Fit (one of my staple anti-aging serums) and Easy on the Eyes. I recently turned 60 and have combination skin, which for me means a bit of oil in my T-zone, a few areas of dryness on my cheeks and neck, a small bit of hyperpigmentation near my ears on both cheeks, and normal skin on the rest of my face, neck, and décolleté. I am blessed not to suffer from acne, rosacea or sensitivity to skin care products in general.

During the testing period, I stuck to my usual skin regimen with few changes. Since Nourish Your Skin is a single ingredient moisturizer with squalane, my only change was substitution of this oil for my most recent choice of Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Moisture Cushion. For me, any moisturizer works the best when applied as my last layer twice daily.

A quick explanation of squalane is that it’s been around for thousands of years and actually exists in our bodies with a slow decrement in levels from our 30s after peaking in our 20s. This loss accounts for some of the facial and neck aging that most of us experience to some degree as we move into peri-menopause. Marta states on the TIA website that squalane is also found in many vegetable oils, especially olive oil, and shark liver. She also adds that it stops UV damage, acts as an antioxidant and an antibacterial. describes squalane as a great moisturizer because of its ability to penetrate extremely deeply into the skin and that it produces a barrier between the skin and the air. Elsewhere, I found references to its use as an anti-aging and hyperpigmentation fighter as well.

I eagerly went through my evening skin care routine the first day I received the product, applying it as my final layer. When I woke up the next morning, the two words I used when I felt my skin were AMAZINGLY SOFT! With the pollution and almost tropical humidity in Houston, it seems an anathema that one would need a moisturizer. However, most of us spend our days indoors, and Houston is known for its dry indoor air conditioning during the summer.

When I added Nourish Your Skin to my morning routine, I decided to experiment with two methods: application as my final layer and mixing it with my lightly tinted sunscreen (which I never go without, even on very overcast days). In the end, I stuck with my second choice. Initially, I was nervous that my face would have an oily sheen requiring powder, which I gave up about 15 years ago. To my surprise and delight, I came away this last month with a “dewy” complexion and incredibly soft skin during the entire test period. Though my good friends with whom I gab about skin care all liked my new look, I will admit that I am not a particular fan of “dewy,” so for me that was a bit of a negative.

I found ClarityRx Nourish Your Skin layers well with just about any product. It is odorless, isn’t oily and has no proclivity to induce acne or clog pores. It is a wonderful skin softener. My only negative was for daytime use in leaving me with more dewiness than I prefer. This may be a positive for many who prefer this appearance. This is definitely a product I will continue to use at night, as I love waking up to an incredibly soft face and neck!

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