ClarityRx Sleep It Off Mask

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on July 28, 2016

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By Linda B.

As a lady of a certain (ahem) vintage, I am past expecting miracles. However, my quest for perfect skin will probably accompany me to the grave. Given my age (63) and ambition, I was excited to test the new ClarityRx Sleep It Off Mask ($120 in the shop).

The word "mask" is a bit of a misnomer here. Erase all images of masks as you know them. Sleep It Off is a rich cream, applied liberally at bedtime after your nightly cleanse — no other moisturizer required. It warms the skin upon application, but the feeling subsides after a short time. The product is quickly absorbed, so no worries about it transferring to pillowcases. Also appreciated: There was no greasy residue on my face when I awoke.

ClarityRx Sleep It Off Mask is advertised as an alternative to retinol. The instructions say to use it consecutively for twenty one nights. I assume a brief rest (perhaps a week?) is recommended before re-starting the cycle — and believe me, you will want to re-start the cycle! Ingredients read like the aisles of your local health food store: blue green algae extract, B vitamins, amino acids, ginger and orange extracts, just to name a few. The heavy-hitter, though, is glycolic acid from sugar cane. It penetrates the skin deeply to target fine lines, pigmentation and clogged pores all while you sleep.  

This product definitely exceeded my expectations. My initial finding was a smoother complexion, followed by a more even tone. I freely admit to applying Sleep It Off Mask to my neck and décolleté, too. The improvement there was even more pronounced, with the aforementioned smoothing and evening of tone. I’ve also noticed some mild wrinkle reduction, especially on my upper lip.

Essentially, this worked as well or better than retinol without any irritation. Not only will I purchase this product again, I am now anxious to try some of ClarityRx's other products. A solid 5 stars for Sleep It Off Mask!