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ClarityRX Sleep It Off Mask Review

is a Solution for:
Dull Skin, Wrinkles
November 22, 2017 Reviewed by Marta 0 Comments
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To say it packed a punch doesn't do it justice


Wake up with radiant skin


On application skin tingles

By Sarah

I LOVE opening boxes. Especially boxes that have the TIA label on the front of the package.  Anti-aging face creams, moisturizers, lotions, serums or anything gooey in them always get my heart racing. Recently though I have been noticing something else about the boxes; the names marketing departments come up with to seduce us to buy these products. There is a very clever one in the UK called THIS WORKS. It’s emblazoned on the package “No Wrinkle Night Repair – THIS WORKS” or ‘Extreme Moisturizer – THIS WORKS  and even “Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil – THIS WORKS. The problem, though, is that none of them really work, well not enough for me to buy another bottle.

Which got me thinking about the hype around the anti-aging industry. Most of the products are really, really expensive and if I am going to buy an anti-ager that is over $200.00 (instead of, say, a pair of boots), the name, the package or the presentation doesn’t do it for me anymore. It has to be the ingredients, the science, the reviews that make me get my credit card out.

So when I saw a jar of Sleep It Off face mask by Clarity Rx claiming “A natural retinol alternative” and “anti-aging treatment with blue green algae extract” (at $120 a pop in the TIA shop), I did my due diligence and looked at the reviews on the TIA website. Three community members gave it 5 stars and the reviewer, Linda B, loved it and was going to buy it again. I was sold and waited for my box to pop through the mail.

It arrived promptly and I wondered if the 21 days you have to apply it for every night, was a gimmick but applied it that very night writing the end date on the top of the lid with my sharpie. I cleansed my face and noticed the warning that it could cause redness and dryness. Linda B also cautioned that it ‘warms the skin’ but that subsides quickly. With some trepidation I applied it to my face and neck. To say it packed a punch doesn’t do it justice. It really heated my face like those little square hand warmers you use in your skiing gloves on a freezing December ski lift. It tingled, prickled and dare I say, stung. I was alarmed – this was torture. I made the mistake of putting it close to my lips and it smarted. Bloody hell. This was brutal. I went to bed dreading I’d wake up with a disfiguring disease, blisters, maybe skin lesions or numbness. What if I have no eyebrows or eyelashes? What if my face looked like a pepperoni pizza? I lay in bed in shock as the heat subsided and my face calmed down.

In the morning, my skin was radiant. It was smoother than a baby’s bottom. It was bright and hydrated. It was a miracle. I was glowing for God’s sake. For the next 20 nights I went through the agony (carefully avoiding my lips) transforming into an ogress at sunset and turning into Princess Fiona at dawn. I promise I am not exaggerating. It really feels like your skin is sloughing off whilst you sleep and underneath you are making a new, fresh, layer. Just like a snake. Except every night you grow nicer skin in the morning. Taut, soft, hydrated, skin.

It is a powerful anti-aging treatment for sure (I wonder if the ginger in the potion is what heats up the skin? Marta?) The Blue Green Algae Extract is the natural retinal but with less damage to the skin and there are B vitamins, Amino Acids, Orange extracts and as Linda B writes in her review the heavy hitter is “glycolic acid from sugar cane”. The science in this marvellous concoction “penetrates the skin deeply to target fine lines, pigmentation and clogged pores all while you sleep.” The Clarity RX blurb claims the following Clinical Studies of Blue Green Algae Extract showed:

32% improvement of fine lines and wrinkles

63% improved cellular regeneration

63% improved surface texture

89% increased hydration levels

I finished the 21 days and had a breather for a month and then did it again for another 21 days and it was still magic. And get this, I have half of the jar left so will do it again twice more before it runs out. When I will buy another jar. The only thing left to say is they should have called it THIS WORKS. Because it really does.






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