Reviewed by JustD*

I recently purchased a coupon to have two laser photofacial (IPL laser) sessions done at a spa I go to from time to time.  I was excited about the possibility of getting rid of some of the spots that were appearing on my face and had read that this would help. I made the appointment, arrived on time and was told that they couldn’t do it on my type of skin.  I’m too heavily pigmented it seems.  I took it with a grain of salt, but I noted that they should have made that information available in the coupon to avoid the embarrassment I was experiencing at the time.

I am of African-Euro descent; that said, when you see me, you see my pigmentation first, not my heritage.   My two great-grandmothers on both sides were either full or half Caucasian.  There is a Creole connection on my father’s side and a possible Cuban/Latino connection on my mother’s side, along with American Indian. So like many African Americans, I am a mutt.  Which is what makes us so wonderfully and vastly different as a people.  But, whenever I go to purchase a skincare product or makeup, it is a major undertaking, and almost always I am disappointed with the results that I ultimately achieve from the products that I have to select from.  Added to this dilemma is that I am in full-blown menopause, having had it surgically induced at the tender age of 49. That was nine years ago; I’ll be 60 in two years, and like Marta, I’m not gracefully trying to go gently into that good night.  Resistance may ultimately be futile, but when I think of Lena Horne, Tina Turner or Dianne Carol, I continue to fight the good fight another day!

I contacted Junko in a frenzy to figure out what to try on TIA, having no real understanding of how these special products work, and she gave me some advice and told me to contact Marta regarding some of my concerns.  I really didn’t know what I was doing and some of the products were backfiring on me that I had purchased.  I contacted Marta and told her what I was trying to do, and thus focused on one main issue – I was noticing skin spots showing up on my face.  Marta, in her wisdom and benevolence, was kind enough to allow me the opportunity to test the TCA Moisture Peel from ClearChoice on my skin.   The results were not immediately overwhelming, in my opinion, and I was about to chuck it into a basket of other products that had failed me, but then something wonderful began to take place.

TCA Moisture Peel, according to some of the articles I’ve read, including Sarah K’s with the founder, Cherie Dobbs, is good for rosacea and menopausal women, is a good prep and post-care for health procedures, and good for avoiding uneven skin tone.  Aha!

When I received the product I began the regimen immediately.  I was to use it in the PM hours (bedtime) for five consecutive days and I could follow my usual skincare routine in the daytime.  I read that I would see noticeable improvements within the next week.  So I followed the instructions as directed and then I just waited.  And I waited…and I waited.

The results, for me, were not immediately evident.  I took before and after photos, but alas, I refuse to post them; however, I saw absolutely nothing for the first week.  But then on the eighth day, I looked in my magnifying mirror and I have to say that I was mildly surprised and pleased that the spots had lightened up a bit.  By the eleventh day I noticed a bit more lightening.  I cannot say that TCA will eradicate my spots altogether – perhaps my pigmentation requires another round to see more results, but to see that there is definitely a change formulating on my skin is exciting and I want to find out more about this product.

I cannot say unequivocally that this will work for me as well as it might for someone of a lighter complexion experiencing similar problems, or if I will attain the ultimate goal of erasing the spots off my skin entirely from continued use of this product, but I can recommend that it is definitely worth a try for any mature women experiencing similar problems with age-spots who are seeking overall tonal balance at least once.

The truth is that no two women can use the same skin care products and get the exact same results from their experiences.  Our genetics, diet and health play an equally vital role in the types of results we see, but in the end, what may matter even more is not how well our skin may respond to the product, but if, after our investment, that it responds at all.

Ingredients in TCA Moisture Peel: Acqua, organic aloe vera gel, USP glycerin, trichloroacetic acid, vitamin B5, l-carnosine, vitamin E, lecithin, retinyl palmitate, sodium hyaluronate, squalane, NAPCA, chamomile, kojuc acid, alpha arbutin, sage extract, eyebright, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, grapeseed extract