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Cold Comfort - How to Look Good Despite a Dose of Flu

woman with a cold
January 23, 2012 Reviewed by Marta 0 Comments

OK, I’ll admit that the title of this article is an oxymoron. No one really looks good with a bad head cold. But as Preksha and I fought over a box of tissues and Oscillococcinum (which I call “Oxymoron” because the real name is unpronounceable and a homeopathic remedy that actually works is an oxymoron if ever there was one – but work it does), we joked about creating a “how to look good with a cold regimen” and found that we had a few tips and tricks to impart.

The direst physical aspect of a bad cold has to be the Rudolph nose – red, swollen, cracked and flakey skin. Attempts at camouflage with foundation or concealer just made my schnoz skin look like frayed sandpaper. During one fitful night of prolonged nose blowing I stumbled into the bathroom looking for something soothing. The flu gods must have been smiling on me because I was barely upright let alone inspired, but I reached for the new Private Reserve from Your Best Face (a product that I usually use with my LED light).

Not only was relief instant as this light oil was thirstily absorbed, but my poor old schnoz looked much improved the following morning. Moreover, the simple four-ingredient formula of a couple of oils and two potent antioxidants has nothing nasty. I even sprayed a little Private Reserve ($75 in the shop) in the direction of my sore throat.

Preksha, meanwhile, had dabbed CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm ($26) on her tissue-worn skin and felt great relief since its key ingredients – calendula, sea buckthorn oil, arnica and Vitamin E – healed and soothed. I gave it a try as well and found it to be really helpful for dry, itchy skin and chapped lips.

By day four my symptoms were thankfully beginning to abate, but my complexion was as dull as an old ashtray. I immediately thought face mask and reached for Royal Nectar’s Bee Venom Mask ($68). Given the odds it was up against, it did a spectacular job (I left it on for an hour). Dewy skin would be an exaggeration, but I looked firmer, hydrated and healthy – well at least no longer on death’s door.

Preksha couldn’t have found a better time to be testing RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek. The soft pink rose shade called "Demure" contains a hint of mauve, which resembles a natural-looking blush — perfect for those who need a subtle pick-me-up. Its application is super-easy and its quality ingredients ease any worries about breakouts.

Meanwhile, I found an instant pick-me-up with Chella’s Anti-fatigue Eye Mask Kit ($30). Each kit is an under-eye mask that has been treated with collagen and emollients and a tube of “Activator” that is squeezed on the masks until completely saturated.  The Activator has Bioskinup Contour 3r, which is the combination of three plant extracts – Brazilian ginseng, a Brazilian tree called p.olacoides and lily – supposed to reduce eye bags over 50%. That’s when used over time, but as a quick fix I was pleased enough to note that a bad cold is in the eye of the beholder.

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