Reviewed by Marsha

I was lucky enough to be asked to review ColoreScience Sunforgettable SPF 30 Sun Protection in Perfectly clear. I am fair skinned (but not porcelain) with freckles and the Perfectly Clear shade is a good match for my skin color.

The product I used, which comes with an attached brush, is recommended for face and neck. I like this sunscreen a lot. I have oily skin and it is really nice to be able to apply a sunscreen to my face that doesn’t feel greasy or make my skin feel greasy after several hours. The powder sunscreen with the attached brush also makes it easy to carry it with you to reapply during the day. It is also great that you can just apply it over your make-up like you would any powder. It works well as a finishing powder. It’s not quite as sheer as the powder I usually use, but very good considering it provides such good sun protection.

For the purposes of this review, I also tried using the ColoreScience it on my arms several times while I went for 45 minute to an hour walks on sunny days. Although, the sun felt very strong on my arms, I did not get burned. The only problem was that it’s difficult to tell where on your arms you’ve applied it. ColoreScience has a roller ball that they recommend for all over body application.

I like the way the sunscreen powder is packaged. The brush has a removable lid, but there is also a protective cover over the brush that you lower into the handle. This is nice because the brush bristles are protected and powder doesn’t get all over when you remove the lid. It’s a little hard to tell how much powder is coming off the brush when you apply it. The instructions tell you how to how to release extra pigment and how to clean the brush so it doesn’t get clogged.

I found this to be a very comfortable, effective and easy to use sunscreen for my face and neck.

Active ingredients: Titanium dioxide 22.5%, zinc oxide (24.5%)

Other ingredients: Mica, dimethicone/vinyldadimethicone crosspolymer, corallina officianalis, calcium silicate. May contain: iron oxides, titanium dioixide, dimethicone, chromium oxide greens