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Colorescience Sunforgettable Sunscreen SPF 50

Is a Solution for:
Sun Protection for Face
July 29, 2010 Reviewed by AgelessJen 0 Comments

What is it? A mineral powder sunscreen

For people with: Sensitive skin and a love for the outdoors

Recommended use: Sweep Colorescience brush over your skin to release powder. Use small circular strokes to release more powder for more coverage. Apply liberally and evenly all over your face and chest before sun exposure; reapply every two hours throughout the day for continued protection. Apply over Sunforgettable Primer SPF 30 for ultimate protection.

TIA recommends for people in: 20+

Highlights: Marta likes that this sunscreen is as light as a feather and a barely there powder instead of a heavy cream. She also likes that it is is effective, providing lasting protection that the brand says can last after 80 minutes in the water. Her sensitive skin saw no irritation or reactions.

Susan (Dent) says: Yes, I like it too, and for the reason of CONVENIENCE and NOT having to layer yet another wet product on. Esp. in Aussie summer! (We get lots of 40-degree C days where we live – that’s maybe 100 or 105 F?)

Complaints: The sunscreen actives titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are in micronized form and slightly controversial. There is some concern that this means they could harm cells, but when Marta asked the brand about it they said that they are micronized not nano. This means that Colorescience Zinc Oxide is 120 nanometers and coated with silicone to be 140 nanometers. The Titanium Dioxide is coated with dimethicone and is 110 nanometers coated. The brand claims that particle sizes less than 60 nanometers are pushing the envelope and could be absorbed into the skin. These, however, are over that range.

Shannel says: I love this stuff but I have some difficulty getting the right color. The first time I tried it I went for no pigment at all and ended up looking like Casper. Trying the powder with a little pigment didn’t quite blend around the jaw so I try to mix them both to get the color right which makes them a bit expensive (telling my bf how much I spend on sunscreen tends to come out in a whisper and accompany a swift change in topic).

Ingredients we love: Marta loved that it was in mineral powder form.

Ingredients we don’t: Bismuth oxychloride is a potential irritant.

Retail Price: $60

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What is it? Titanium Dioxide

Bottom line: While the actives have been somewhat controversial, Marta reasons that we are surrounded by nano-particles in everyday life and generally suffer no adverse effects. While it does seem that more research is needed, she was slightly reassured by Colorescience's explanation of their micronized powder and the fact that it didn't irritate her sensitive skin. Top that with the fact that the powder was easy to use, barely there, and can last up to 80 minutes in water, and this makes the sunscreen a favorite for her face!


Active Ingredients:Titanium Dioxide (12%), Zinc Oxide (12%)

Other Ingredients: Bismuth Oxychloride, Calcium, Cilicate, Corallina Officinalis, Dimethicone, Dimethicone/Vinyldimethicone Crosspolymer, Iron Oxide, Manganese, Violet, Mica, Titanium Dioxide.

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