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I have had horses my whole life, and while I wouldn't call myself an exceptional horseman, I have learned a thing or two about horse behavior, good and bad. It is not unusual for friends or neighbors to call me and ask me for advice with "their problem horse", and 99% of the time I find the problem is not so much with the horse, but with the horse owner's lack of understanding of fundamentals.  The specific "unwanted behavior" (anything from bucking, rearing, kicking, and biting, to a refusal to load into a trailer) is almost always just a symptom of the root cause.... the horse' lack of respect for the authority of the horse owner. Trigger may indeed "love" their owner, but he doesn't consider Owner to be The Boss, so Trigger does only what he wants to do,not what he is asked to do.The solution is exceedingly simple and frankly quite pleasant for Trigger and Owner...  spend 5 minutes each day doing simple "ground work" to gain and maintain Triggers respect, trust and willingness, and it will carry over to every thing Owner and Trigger do together. This advise works 99% of the time, but it is advise that is rarely followed right away. Problem Horse Owner hates to accept the "respect" diagnosis, and tries instead to address the problem by spending a small fortune on different (harsher) bits, knotted halters, tie- down rigging, a bigger horse trailer,etc. Only to find that the behavior problem continues. Only then do we go back to trying ground work. Which is free. Which works 99% of the time.

So what do the fundamentals of horse training have to do with the Conair 213X Ionic blow dryer?

If you want great hair, start with the fundamentals... blow drying.  As we age, our hair shafts becomes thinner and the hair itself grows more slowly, so hair is less able to withstand environmental and chemical stresses, and damage from heated styling appliances. And most of us, myself included, are largely unwilling to curtail the abuse, and instead we spend small fortunes on magical conditioners that help negate the damage.

Enter the Conair 213X Infiniti Ionic Blow Dryer. Not only does this baby dry your hair in half the time without doing damage, the ions will provide a bonus conditioning effect to help negate existing damage.  The Conair works wonders on thick, thin, curly, fine,and straight hair. Your hair will not just "look and feel" better, it will BE better. And any magic potion I apply will work exponentially better, so I can either use half as much magic potion, or use it half as often. And if I can spend 30 minutes over the course of each week IMPROVING the quality of my hair while I blow dry instead of torturing it, why wouldn't I?

The Conair 213X is a serious hair dryer.  This 1875 watt hair dryer features 3 heat/2 speed settings,  7' professional line cord, diffuser and concentrator attachment and removable filter.  I am not kidding when I say your wrists might have get pumped up a bit to hold the nearly 3lb Conair at the various drying angles, but think of it as weight training and go for great hair AND buff arms. And if you waffle on coughing up $35.00 for a new hair dryer when your old flame thrower is still working, add up all the money you spend on repairative hair potions over a two-year period, and the price of the Conair pales by comparison.

Drop me a line and let me know if you have tried it, and what you ....and your gorgeous hair....think.


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