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Coolway Autosense Styler flat iron- reader reviewed

Coolway Autosense Styler flat iron
January 10, 2013 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 9 Comments

by Maria

I’m Dominican, and I have thick, long, curly, coarse, dry, low-porosity hair. For most of my life, it has been the bane of my existence. I say this because beautiful hair in my culture is typically straight. Period. This is why Dominican blow-outs are so popular. My parents’ generation in particular saw the natural curly or kinky state of my hair as unruly and unkempt. Growing up around this mentality does very little for a healthy view or acceptance of the natural state of curly hair. This being the case, I’ve always tried to dominate it in different ways – the most memorable being relaxing it from the age of 10 through my early 20s. After my scalp fought back, with a life-changing case of dermatitis, I have moved away from chemical warfare and have moved on to other methods. I try to find methods of caring for my hair that will give me a number of styling choices with the least amount of damage to my hair. Basically, since my scalp debacle in my early 20s, I’ve reinvented my hair identity to love and accept my natural curly hair as well as the option of going straight and the full spectrum in between. So you can imagine my excitement at having the opportunity to try the Coolway Autosense Styler flat iron – a product that proposes straight hair without the heat damage.

During the periods when I straighten my hair, I typically wash it once a week. Any more would be quite damaging. Normally, I set my hair in curlers; I’ve found that this method of indirect heat is the best in maintaining my hair healthy and shiny. This is particularly true in the case of my ends. To remove the imprint of the curlers on my roots, I do flat iron them. My hair, however, has excellent heat memory and afterward needs very little to no maintenance to keep the shape from this process. If I want my hair straighter or curlier throughout the week, I can use non-heat methods like wrapping it or pinning it overnight. I lived in China for a while and during that period would use a regular flat iron on a weekly basis during the winter, as I had no other straightening methods available. For special occasions, I do use heat tools to have the desired style. For example, I’ve learned how to create controlled waves in my straightened hair using a flat iron.

As far as my experience with the Coolway Autosense Styler flat iron, I liked the idea that the amount of heat used would be less than 300 degrees. (I typically use 400 to 450 degrees on other flat irons and the highest setting at any one time during my month of experimentation with the Coolway Autosense was 298 degrees.) As per the instructions, I used the Boost serum and Transform spray included in the starter kit every time I used the flat iron. The Boost serum is to be used the first time as a conditioner replacement and is to be left in hair for four minutes. After the first time, I continued to use it after a regular conditioner, according to recommendations. Also, because of the length and fullness of my hair, I would spray the length of my hair 50 times with the Transform spray, as indicated on the bottle. Then, I would comb it to distribute evenly and blow-dry my hair until it was 90% dry. At this point, I would begin to use the AutoSense Styler flat iron.

However, while the flat iron did straighten my hair, it took longer to achieve results somewhat similar to those from my normal straightening routines. To achieve the desired results, I had to flat iron the same sections more than three to four times, and so was left wondering how much heat damage I had really prevented in using this method. Furthermore, my hair was left looking lackluster and had undesired volume. In fact I would describe my hair in certain sections as nearly frizzy. Consequently, I had a kind of helmet head look. The weeks where I achieved the best results were when I used an after-heat product to seal my hair cuticle. It added much-needed shine and seemed to make my hair less frizzy. I also wrapped my hair overnight and was able to have a nicer look the next day. Another limitation was that the Coolway flat iron was ineffective in creating waves or curls. I think the low heat made it impossible for my hair to acquire the style I wanted. All in all, I definitely will not continue to use this product. For my particular hair type, it does not seem to be effective; my hair needs the heat for styling. This does not mean, however, that it would not be suitable for other hair types. I think someone with more porous hair, perhaps finer or less curly hair, would be able to achieve quite desirable results.

  • August 18, 2014

    by Jimmy

    I have a bespoke t3 and it is better than any other I have tried and I have tried them all.

    I bought this coolway today on sale for 14.99. I did not read the box carefully enough. i have extensins and all this blow drying and spraying before u even can use it is just too much.

    I think I'm gonna sell it on ebay.

  • June 14, 2013

    by Farrah

    This product works really well for my fine hair. The spray has a great tropical scent and my hair has never been healthier. Thanks Coolway!

  • June 13, 2013

    by Amiee

    I have to admit I was skeptical. I had been so use to styling my hair the old fashion way, by burning my scalp, neck, and ears while trying to get those hard to reach and curl places. With Coolway, now I don't have to burn myself or my hair! It gets better with each use. It does take time to get use to and to train your hair, but your hair will be better for it.

  • March 20, 2013

    by Kathy

    I bought this system and returned it after I'd used it once. I absolutely hated the spray that came with it. It made my hair sticky and left it feeling very dirty. Plus, the flat iron isn't hot enough to straighten in one pass. FAIL.
    Not worth it, IMO.

  • February 11, 2013

    by lina

    hey i just wanted to know if theres anyother hair straightner that worked for you.? me and you both seem to have the same hair (im also dominican) and love to have pin straight hair with the lest damage..

  • February 1, 2013

    by ValerieB

    The Coolway is available online:

  • January 25, 2013

    by Katie

    Where can I buy one?

  • January 11, 2013

    by Diamond Crumby

    do you still want the Coolway?

  • January 11, 2013

    by Diana

    would you be interested in selling it to me?

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