The downside of an exercise routine that you love, is getting into a rut. Exercise trainers advise changing workouts regularly to avoid plateauing. The truth of this really came home to me when I tried out the Core Fusion Body Sculpt. For months, I have been romping through Jackie Warner’s circuits and upgraded to 5lb hand weights at some point. But I found Core Fusion’s subtle upper arm exercises so challenging that I kept switching down to 2lb weights – and still I paused feebly from time to time. It was great, I was being pushed.

I have used and enjoyed Core Fusion’s Thighs & Glutes workout, but I didn’t find it especially hard. Body Sculpt is definitely more challenging. I guess this is because it is divided into five work outs, each 10 minutes long and intense. This is for the busy person who wants results.

Each 10-minute section is focused: on arms and shoulders, glutes, hips, thighs, and abs. The arm exercise that got me was one that I have never tried before and it involves bending forward and raising your arms behind you an inch and squeezing inward an inch. Doesn’t sound much, I know, but if it doesn’t get rid of upper arm jiggle then I don’t know what will.

Glute exercises are the more familiar barre (or sturdy chair) exercises. However, the ab exercises are very cool and include some that are a little different from your average crunch and certainly make you aware of your challenge points.