cover fx anti-aging primer

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on August 24, 2014


by Rose

As a 54-year-old woman, I am entering into that realm of maddening aging skin issues — wrinkles and sagging skin are at the top of the list, with other annoying attributes like enlarged pores and hormonal breakouts. Therefore, I am always looking for products that will help me feel like I am not losing the battle — or at least losing ground with grace!

Primers are a somewhat new concept for me as I have dealt with oily skin most of my life. The last thing I would consider putting on my skin is something that feels so emollient. However, I have changed my mind about that. A good primer can make a difference in how the rest of your makeup goes on and how well it lasts throughout the day.

Cover FX Anti-Aging Primer ($38) is a multi-tasker. It has all the properties of a decent primer — nice slip, not too thick (although slightly thicker than other primers I have used), absorbs quickly, serves as a nice base for makeup and provides some good anti-aging ingredients. I like the idea of a product that works well and does good things for my skin.

Due to its serum-like quality and anti-aging ingredients, it is recommended for both day and night-time application. I only used this in the morning after cleansing, just before makeup application. However, on the sans makeup days, I still applied in the morning after cleansing. A small, pearl-size amount covered my entire face and felt very nice going on. I tried it with both a powder and liquid foundation and found I liked it best with the powder foundation. It generally gave a nice smooth finish.

While I liked this product overall, the claim that is will “blur the appearance of fine lines and pores,” did not live up to expectations. It does give a "polish” to the skin but does not fill in fine lines and pores as well as other primers I have used — especially the pores. I was a bit disappointed by this aspect and actually needed an additional product to deal with those. As far as the “anti-aging” part, I would say I did not see any momentous improvements (not that I am impatient for results or anything!) Overall, I would say it is a decent primer with the added benefit of being good for the skin.

The ingredients list reads like a chemistry text book. From what I could decipher, many of the first ingredients are in the category of slip agents and emollients — for that slip feel and to provide moisturizing (more emollient than is standard for a primer). The remaining ingredients are for anti-inflammation, soothing and anti-irritation, collagen production and a handful of peptides to repair and protect the skin.