Fun Facts:

CoverGirl was founded in 1958 in Baltimore, MD by the Noxzema Chemical Company (later called Noxell) and was later acquired by Proctor and Gamble in 1989.

Even though its original advertising campaigns called to mind the fashion models on the covers of magazines, the brand has become associated with a "girl-next-door" personality.

Marc Pritchard's "Easy, Breezy, Beautiful CoverGirl" tagline led to a number one mass-market share position in the U.S., Canada, and Switzerland.

Sold primarily in drugstores, convenience stores, and supermarkets, CoverGirl's biggest competitor based on target audience and price point is Maybelline Cosmetics (owned by L'Oreal).

CoverGirl was one of the largest American cosmetics brands to conduct animal testing, though Proctor & Gamble maintain that this type of testing only applies to about 20% of CoverGirl products.

Company News/Recent Launches:

Through its current sponsorship of the reality competition show "America's Next Top Model," CoverGirl has doled out $100,000 contracts to each winner of cycles 3 through 12.

CoverGirl's new Simply Ageless Foundation combines Olay Regenerist Serum and SPF 22 to keep the solution suspended over fine lines and wrinkles.

Key Ingredients:

Colorspheres, which appear in CoverGirl's TruBlend liquid makeup, are supposed to merge with your skin and imitate your precise skin tone, smoothing over imperfections.

TIA's Take:

Toxic chemicals make up many of CoverGirl's formulas, from its mascaras to its mineral makeup. Repeat offenders include polyethylene (81 products), petroleum distillates (39 products), BHA (17 products), BHT (141 products), aluminum starch octenylsuccinate (27 products), triethanolamine (141 products), quaternium-15 (131 products), methylparaben (495 products), and fragance (170 proucts). Also, depending on your personal feelings toward nanotechnology, you may want to avoid CoverGirl's 50+ products that contain nano titanium dioxide, which results in enhanced penetration and possible bioaccumulation. Not only do we frown upon the prevalence of risky ingredients in CoverGirl's products, but we'd prefer to keep Fido from being poked, prodded, and tested in the clutches of CoverGirl. Even so, there are a few products to cheer about, such as CoverGirl Simply Ageless Foundation, which made an appearance in our Five Best Foundations. Read our other product reviews below:

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