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Crabtree and Evelyn Shampoo Review

crabtree & evelyn shampoo

If you know Hilton hotels, then you know Crabtree & Evelyn. The hotel chain carries the bath and body brand in their hotels, even in Europe. Hilton has just recently pushed a major initiative to change their reputation, catering to a younger, hipper demographic and shedding that whole "convention hotel" image. While the design is becoming more "boutique," there's no telling if they'll drop Crabtree & Evelyn, which I like to refer as Craptree & Evelyn.

I generally bring my own shampoo and conditioner but on a recent stay, I actually checked out Crabtree & Evelyn Shampoo, only to see how bad it really was. Reading the ingredients (and disappointed by the generic packaging), I was pretty confident it was a sign that the brand and I were not going to have a harmonious relationship. But I was ready for the battle. When I poured the Crabtree & Evelyn Shampoo, it came out like maple syrup and smelled like detergent. I couldn't help but think, as I applied, my hair would catch on fire or something. It just felt like i was putting a bunch of chemicals on my head.

And that's exactly what the shampoo comprises. Everything from sodium laureth sulfate to cocamidopropyl betaine (an irritating foaming lathering agent) was so wrong in this shampoo that I was happy to use my brand shampoo right after to get rid of the Crabtree mess. Disodium EDTA and PEG 7 glyceryl cocoate are also ingredients you don't want to get trapped in your locks as they are pretty toxic. And don't even get me started on the synthetic dyes. Gross. The only redeeming factor is the algae, but that can hardly even be useful while weighed down in the nasty concoction.

So if you're checking into a Hilton (and unless they change their amenities), bring your own shampoo.

  • March 25, 2014

    by Mars

    I agree with Nadine. And Polly, dont act like an expert just because you've read this and that... unless you did your own research.

  • December 6, 2012

    by Nadine

    Please check your facts about palm oil plantations in Malaysia before making any claims that are grossly untrue. And bring your fair evidence also, not just quoting the biased so called findings by the western party out to demonise palm oil to achieve a certain agenda. Go to Sabah Malaysia yourself to see how rainforest and the orangutans being preserved and cared for besides the reforestation effort. People in the developing countries are not as heartless about the environment as what the westerners like to portray.

  • May 7, 2012

    by polly

    I was even more disappointed when I recently found out that Crabtree and Evelyn are owend by a Malaysian Multinational which also happens to be the 3rd biggest producer of palm oil. Palm oil plantations have wiped out huge tracts of rainforest in malaysia and indonesia thus putting many species of animals, including the orangutan on the endangered list. Not that this is C & E's fault exactly, but it kind of distorts the image of natural country charm. I won't be supporting this company any longer simply because of these conglomerates and their utter lack of respect or concern for anyone else on the planet except themselves.

  • January 25, 2011

    by organicgirl

    It's dissapointing to find out that Crabtree & Evelyn products contain SLS. Hope this is not for all of the products coz I quite like the hand creams

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