Reviewed by Nancy

Right off the bat - I can tell you that the Creo Care Nano Pro-Tec Body Oil’s formula is absolutely LOVELY - with one huge exception: the scent is almost unbearable, pretty vile in fact. It's reminiscent of bad/cheap hotel disinfectant... and because I'm a documentary filmmaker I've stayed in nasty (and lovely too) places all over the world - this particular scent stays in one's memory. It fades by morning if one has a shower and uses it before bedtime - but unless one is completely alone, it's not something I could imagine inflicting on other human beings. If one has a shower in the morning and uses it afterwards, the odor stays around all day. I've had a few days alone, when I'm not going out, etc.... but if I had to go out, I'd have to have another shower.

I favor unscented products, and am quite sensitive to scents, but I also try to stick to organic entirely. And unscented is not always easy to find in body lotions, oils, and face stuff that is inoffensive and safe.

But - that being said - after two days of using Creo, one's skin feels great. And I'll keep paying attention...but can't they do something about the appalling scent? Orange-Vanilla? Just plain vanilla would be enough. I've heard argan oil on its own smells wretched, so perhaps the orange is there to cover it up. I'll try using the oil in the shower next - perhaps that would take the scent away more quickly.

**Update: 2 weeks later**

I've used Creo Care’s Nano Pro-Tec Body Oil steadily for two weeks now. I notice a wonderful softness in my skin - and I'm always hunting for a great body lotion/oil, so have tried hundreds of them. I think Creo has visibly improved my skin, as well.  But the one thing that still makes it impossible for me to carry on is the scent.

I think I mentioned in my first update that it reminded me of cheap cleaning fluid in bad hotels/motels - not a good thing for something on one's body.  I don't know what ingredient they're trying to mask but the result is vile. I had to use the oil in the shower so it could be rinsed off. It gets on one's towels, in one's bathrobe -- everything in its path and it won't come out.  It's still there in the morning from the shower the night before. I don't understand how the company could make something so lovely which is rendered unwearable/unusable by its scent.

Ingredients: Cold Pressed Oils (of Apricot Kernel, Rose Hip Seed, Borage, Argan and Kukui Nut), Vanilla Extract, Orange Essential Oil, Germinated seed Extracts (of Sunflower and Grape).