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Crest 3D Whitestrips- reviewed and recommended

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July 9, 2012 Reviewed by Marta 8 Comments
After a frustrating experience with Tanda Pearl, a teeth-whitening system that uses gel and trays that are supposedly powered by ultrasound, my teeth had a yellowish hue that might be acceptable back home in the north of England but certainly isn’t amongst a nation of dazzling smiles. White teeth are young-looking teeth and I wanted them. So I stepped into my nearest drugstore to try out Crest’s 3D Whitestrips ($56).

Sometimes there is a drugstore mainstay that is simply hard to beat and this is one of them. It does what it promises to do, while being efficient and simple to use. With long-lasting effects (I’ll come back to this), the price of 3D Whitestrips is reasonable.

I hate using teeth whitening trays. I have never met one that I liked. I have a very sensitive gag reflex and wearing the trays, plus the inevitable oozing into my mouth of the gel makes for a very uncomfortable experience. So I was interested to see how the strips would work. I anticipated that they would be less intrusive and more tolerable but I wasn’t confident that they would stay in place for the full two hours per day required by Crest 3D Whitestrips. And would I even find two hours in my active life when they could safely be worn?

Crest promises that its strips will stay on even while drinking water. And they do. I found that I could attach (which is super easy) them to my upper and lower teeth first thing in the morning after cleaning my teeth (disregarding the instructions that suggest it is “best” not use straight after brushing) and they stayed put whilst exercising or anything else until I was ready to peel them off two hours later. There was a slight difference immediately and by day three my teeth were looking much cleaner and brighter. Day 7 – the full treatment – and I had teeth worthy of my adopted country.

I noticed a little sensitivity on the second day and third day, but after that all was fine. Crest promises its strips are enamel safe, but the 3D set can only be used once a year.  The whitening are the typical hydrogen peroxide and sodium hydroxide. Maintenance, which three weeks later I have not yet needed, can be done with the 3D Gentle Routine strips. I shall definitely be investing in these at some point though for full conversion to Crest Whitestrips. Next challenge is to get my husband to try them.

Ingredients: PVP, PEG-8, water, hydrogen peroxide, acrylates copolymer, sodium hydroxide, sodium saccharin.
  • February 22, 2013

    by Lori

    I used Crest Whitestrips Classic in 2007. They never put in their directions to protect your lips with Vaseline before using the product and because they didn’t, I’m ruined for life.

    I always prided myself on my naturally beautiful red lips and I never used lipstick in my life. I bought their product to whiten my teeth and followed their directions perfectly. I even wiped my mouth of saliva with Kleenex, when I used their product, so none would get on my lips. But somehow when I used it for the second time on my bottom teeth, some did get on my bottom lip- although I don’t know how.

    After 30 minutes, I took the strip out, rinsed and to my horror, saw a white spot near the center of my bottom lip. I couldn’t believe it! I tried not to panic and washed it and thought that after a few days it would go away. It didn’t. Then I thought it would go away in a few weeks. It didn’t. Then I called various people in the medical field, who said that even though the Whitestrips might have bleached it, my body would slough it off and my lip would return to normal color in a few weeks to a few months. It didn’t. I consulted a couple lawyers and they said to not even think of trying to sue Crest, as they are too big and too powerful a company to fight and I’d never win. So then I got desperate and even went to a couple healers, but no one and nothing can bring the color back to my lip.

    I’m stuck with a very visible white spot on the bottom of my lip and I’m devastated about it. People tell me to get over it, to cover it with lipstick and go on with life. But that’s beyond the point. This company had a responsibility NOT to put this product on the market if it caused things like this to happen and they were suppose to put the warning in their instructions when it came out and I would have followed it. Now I’m permanently destroyed and no one can fix me. The mental anguish that I go through on a daily basis when I look in the mirror and see that it will never go away and knowing that I have to live with this horrid flaw that was cause from using their product, is more than a terrible price to pay for trusting in their product and company.

  • July 19, 2012

    by Marta

    I'll definitely be trying the 3D Vivid White toothpaste. My teeth are still looking relatively good after the strips - I don't yet feel they are stained again.

  • July 19, 2012

    by Emily

    Hi Marta! I have been meaning to comment since you posted this. I used to do a regime of the Whitestrips -- I guess it was Crest's earlier version -- after each quarterly cleaning. And while I didn't mind using them, I found the results were very short-lived, so I'm wondering whether you will have a similar experience. Instead, I'm now using the Crest 3D Vivid White toothpaste twice daily and I am very pleased with the results. No staining, much whiter teeth!

  • July 11, 2012

    by Sandy B

    I also have sensitive teeth. I've used the less-aggressive Crest whitening strips with success, although it takes a little longer. I might even put a day or two between uses. I regularly brush with a sensitivite-teeth toothpaste, especially a few days, or even a week, before I use the strips, as well as during their use. I'll rinse with a fluride rinse (such as Act Rinse) before and after the strips -- that seems to help with sensitivity, too. But I also don't drink coffee, tea, or wine, and I rinse my mouth with water after meals.

  • July 10, 2012

    by Larsa benjamin

    I have used them as well and they are good. a bit sensitive on day 3. They did turn them white approx 30% better.

  • July 10, 2012

    by Marta

    I have to add that those with sensitive teeth might have to give these a miss. My husband just gave up on day three as it made his teeth hurt too much.

  • July 9, 2012

    by Dani

    Oh these were just recalled by the government here in Australia a few months ago for having unsafe levels of hydrogen peroxide - illegal in Australia now due to toxicity concerns!

  • July 9, 2012

    by Julie Kay

    I haven't got the whitest teeth on the block, in the neighborhood or in town... You get my gist. I come from a generation where dentistry veered to necessesity rather aesthetics which is why I have 12 crowns and a 3-tooth bridge seated in my mouth. Thus my front teeth never look straight nor as white as I'd like. I've tried this Crest system- before I went to Disneyland in February this year. I actually did see whitening. But I'd have to keep at it like a demon, since I am passionate about red wine. So while I "can" recommend Crest whitening strips as well. I am "meh" on the use for me personally. ~jk

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