Two of my friends are devotees of Curel. I've always dismissed this (in a rather snobbish way) as inverted snobbery on their part: there is some kind of bravado that implies "I'm not a sucker for all this expensive rubbish". Recently, however, I've been noticing a couple of drug store products (Yes To Carrots is a good example) are really very good value. So I decided to take a look at Curel Life's Stages Youth-Defense Moisturizer. Actually, I would go so far to say I wanted to like it. Sadly, it was not to be.

True, there are some good ingredients in Life Stages: shea butter, sage (an anti-inflammatory), vitamin C, vitamin E, collagen and elastin. There is also caprylic/capric triglyceride, an emollient that helps with the dispersion of vitamins. But then there are no less than three irritants: distearyldimonium chloride, glyceryl dilaurate, DMDM hydantoin. Plus there is petrolatum. In Europe, products that use petrolatum (or petroleum jelly) need to state that they are carcinogen free. There is no such obligation in the US.

For $7, this isn't that bad. But its not that great either. Sensitive souls should probably avoid it and pay another $1 for Yes to Carrots