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Daily antiaging regimen of a 50-something almost 60 hippie

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Sagging Skin
September 1, 2009 Reviewed by JulieKay 6 Comments

Clueless, but Trying ~Julie Kay

When Marta invited me to write my “decades perfected” daily regime for Truth In Aging, my first thought was “not decades, now I feel like a con artist.” But actually, that’s spot on. In my thirties I became a single working mom, and it was in my daughter’s and my first self-acquired apartment that my regimen began.  The product was Revlon’s European Collagen Complex. I have no memory of why I chose this, but I loved it. I used it faithfully each morning after showering on my face and neck. I remember often thinking I was being very kind to myself (at a time when I wasn’t always). I used this potion until Revlon discontinued it in the early 90s. I was devastated. I actually drove to all the drugstores I could find to snap up the last bottles I could. Thus began my true search for the Holy Grail- the Perfect Facial Regime. Because, you see, it isn’t in one bottle or tube…

A couple of things about my facial philosophy. Firstly, while my products are always open to change- I’ve learned the hard way to never become too attached- I’ve decided less is more. So, while it may seem I use many potions, I strive to use as little as possible to achieve my purpose. Secondly, I really don’t like to over wash my face. I think there’s a danger of doing this as we age. My skin reacts much better, is more resilient and plumper toned, since I lessened this step and/or really paid close attention to what I used in this step. Third, I’m on a rigid budget. I wish I could afford a facialist, but the truth is I’ve never even had a facial! So I try very hard to learn what I’m using and how it may affect my skin, determine the cost factor, then cautiously make purchases. I’ve made lots of errors, no doubt about it, mostly because I’m extremely exacting in what I want to achieve.

Results! Three years ago (at 55), I sat at my sister-in-law’s table and said, “My cheeks are sliding off my face.” This was a semi wail actually. She said all the correct encouraging things, but we know! Today halfway through 58, I look younger than that day. I continue to thank Buddha, my guardian angel and karma for the day I stumbled upon Truth in Aging. I’ve learned the bulk of what I know today right here!

So, here it is, my Daily Regime.

Wakeup:  Products- Skinn’s Pure Energy Replenishing Mineral Bath (I use a cotton ball soaked in this as a facial wash); Estion Ultimate Growth Factor, YBF Boost.

Shower Time:  Products- Cleanser (Burt’s Bees Orange Essence 4-5 days week; Skinn Sulfate Free Rapid Exfoliating Cleanser 2-3 days week); Skinn Hydro Surge (whole face/neck- use as toner, firms skin and remarkably readies it to absorb what’s to follow); MyChelle NoTox AntiWrinkle Serum with 6-7 DIY cosmetic actives mixed in, most notably Matryxl 3000 and COQ10 (this is my powerhouse potion); YBF Correct for my eye area. I let my face absorb all this and quiet down- perhaps five minutes. Then I apply a good coat of Skinn Crease and Release Triple Action Day Cream.

Beditime: Products- Pure Energy Replenishing Mineral Bath (same as wakeup, I use a cotton ball soaked in this as a facial wash); Skinn Hydro Surge (whole face, neck); YBF Restore (chin, cheeks, neck, nose, forehead); iQ Derma Restoreyes (this is thicker than Correct, and I use a liberal coat which absorbs during the night). Again, I let my skin “rest,” then apply a good layer of Skinn’s Wrinkle Balm Night Treatment. Just before I turn off the light, I apply a liberal coat of YBF Quench on my lips (and, yes, they've truly benefited from this overnight soak).

My purpose: To age gracefully. I’m going to have wrinkles. I don’t mind some crow’s feet around the eyes when I laugh- I think they’re charming. My forehead is going to have horizontal lines, but doesn’t that show just how much thought I've put to problems over the years, worried for my loved ones? My neck? I thought worrying about turkey neck was going to be the bane of my existence until my cheeks decided to slide off my jaw. Now I just look at my neck and shrug. It’s all going to happen. I just want to push it all back, especially my chin/jaw/cheeks- the marionette lines. No one wants to look like Howdy Doodie. I won’t for as long as possible.

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  • September 2, 2009

    by Stephanie

    Thanks for the additional info, and I am right there with you about the disagreeableness of mornings.

  • September 2, 2009

    by rileygirl

    Julie K, what an inspiring and uplifting post. I especially love every single thing you had to say in your last paragraph!

  • September 1, 2009

    by Julie Kay

    Stephanie: Keep in mind how I emphasized sleep or lack thereof. I often wake 5-8am, yet Bedtime is often midnight to 1am. My Shower routine can run anywhere from noon to 3pm in the afternoon. I have no taskmaster standing over me, and I have never been a morning person. While I might be "awake," it's under the radar time for me. I'm puttering, reading, futzing in the garden in sweats, etc. Sometimes I even fall back to sleep! But I do treat my face and neck during this Wakeup period (first thing), and it's become a dependable block of time. So, the Boost and Estion can do their work, yes.

    Oh dear, you've caught me (deer in the headlights time)! Sunscreen.

    I don't use it. Never have. I have no excuse, and I don't even know how to explain this. I used to be a fanatical sun worshipper. For all the years I did that, I should look like a shriveled grape today. I am trying to learn about sunscreens now myself- the when and hows.

    Thank you, aerwin and Marta!

  • September 1, 2009

    by Stephanie

    Hi Julie,
    Great post, thanks for sharing!

    I'm wondering about a few things:

    The first step wherein you wake up and and use the mineral bath product as face wash, and then you apply two products- how much time elapses between doing that and the shower? How do you know that you won't remove the Boost and the other product?

    Then I am wondering about sunscreen. It seems that you would apply it post shower- but does doing so negate the effectiveness of the precursors? Which sunscreen(s) do you use?


  • September 1, 2009

    by marta

    Julie K, you do look wonderful. An inspiration to us all. Thank you for being such a fun and generous member of community.

    We'd love to hear from others. What is your routine and what is working for you? We'll happily publish posts from the wordy - send to And, of course, comments are always welcome.

  • September 1, 2009

    by aerwin

    Thank you Julie K! I must say you do look fantastic. And Oh my goodness I remember that European College Complex.
    Thanks again you gave a lot of great ideas!

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