If you are looking into homeopathic options as a way to avoid an endless program of ingestible chemical pain relievers, you might want to consider BioFreeze pain relieving gel. It contains something called ilex paraguariensisich, which is an herbal extract from a South American holly shrub. Ilex has been used for centuries as a natural topical pain reliever. It can be used on sore muscles and sprains, chronic back, shoulder, and neck pain, arthritis, joints (knee, hip, elbow, etc).

Highly recommended by Kate (you can read her full review here), this is fairly powerful stuff that is typically sold directly through and to practitioners. We have a giant bottle for a reader who'd like to try it and give us their feedback. Leave a comment to persuade us that you are deserving and email us at samples@truthinaging.com with your shipping address and BioFreeze in the subject line.