I have been trying out Jan Marini's Age Intervention eyelash growth product on my eyebrows. I am doing this on the, admittedly tenuous grounds, that the prostaglandins responsible for eyelash growth but also for possible side effects are less likely to do any harm (change the color of my eyes, or cause irritation) if used on the brows. Anyway, regardless of all of that, it works. Ten days of using Jan Marini Age Intervention on my right eyebrow has resulted in a darker and thicker brow.

My left eyebrow and the eyelashes of my left eye are being subjected to FNS Nutrilash by Osmotics. This product is based on vitamin Bs and amino acids. One week in, I can't say I am noticing a difference, although I am experiencing loss of eyelashes. This may be happening to make way for new growth, or I may live to regret this whole experiment. I find the application a bit fiddly; the package comes with 28 individual applications in little syringe-like devices that have to be stored upright. Anyway, I shall persevere through all 28 before I pronounce my verdict.

Finally, I am trying Dermalash by Dermaquest on my right eyelashes. Weirdly, this seems to be having amazing results. I say, weirdly, because I've only been using it for three days so may be imagining things or simply having a good lash day. I shall keep going and report back.