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As the economic winter shows little signs of thawing, we could all do with our spirits lifting, our senses warming and some energy returning to our bodies. ISUN goes beyond just natural: its ingredients are chosen because they are "pure, energetic and alive". The aromatherapy body oils are a good example of the brand's holistic approach that doesn't just pamper the epidermis, but promises to spark our bodies and minds to a greater sense of well-being.

I reviewed and recommended ISUN's Blue-Green Algae Mask a few weeks ago and, due to the generous box of goodies sent to me by Bunnie Gulick, ISUN's founder, I am able to spread the love. I have nine samples of Gemstone Body Oils for readers to try out.

These "hamonizing", aromatherapeutic body oils are a mix of herbs, essential and base oils, colors and actual gemstones and they are each intended to serve a distinct purpose, with each gemstone corresponding to one of the body's energy centers (chakras).

I have made batches of three oils for the three lucky readers who, when claiming their booty, promise with the utmost sincerity to turn in a review. You'll have to tell us which batch of the three seems to correspond to what you feel most in need of to battle winter blues: Elevated consiousness; serenity and calm; warmth and stimulation. Here's what you'll get:

Elevated consciousness: Crystal Body Oil; Rose Quartz Body Oil and Amethyst Body Oil. To hone in on just one of these, the amethyst oil lightens the mind and elevates consciousness. The herbs include red clover, which contains four compounds, according to the National Cancer Institute, that prevent tumors. It is also high in vitamin E. Hyssop is a Mediterranean herb that has been around for centuries and is supposed to have protected unborn babies from one of those plagues in the Old Testament. One of the other herbal oils, boswellia, is an anti-inflammatory.

Serenity and calm: Azurite Body Oil, Lapis Body Oil and Tourmaline Body Oil. Lapsis lazuli. It is a rock, rather than a mineral and is mined in Afghanistan. It is a cool blue and in ancient times was ground to a powder and used as poultice to calm angry skin outbreaks such as boils. Blue tansy is in the Lapsis body oil and it soothes sunburn, irritations and inflamations. The tourmaline body oil in this trio also has some potent botanicals such as gotu kola, which repairs type 1 collagen. There is also rhodiala from the Arcic, which is mostly made up of polyphenols. Meanwhile, the heal-all herb (whose proper name is prunella vulgaris) reduces swelling and heals wounds.

Warmth and stimulation: Amber Body Oil, Carnelian Body Oil, Garnet Body Oil. This trio is warm and spicy with turmeric, sandalwood and ginger. And there are all sorts of other things to get you going, such as galangal root, which has been traditionally used to treat bloating, constipation and a sluggish digestion. Saraswati churna helps the powers of concentration the cirulatory system. Ashwagandha is also known as Indian Ginseng and it is a powerful antioxidant.

Post a comment, tell us what you recommend to beat recessionary gloom and if you want to be a reviewer send us your mailing address to with "gemstones" in the subject line.