Having seen yesterday's blog on eye creams, a friend called me from San Francisco to tell me that she, all her 30-something friends and her 41-year old fiance have been using Origins Youthtopia for the past few months and are getting great results.  Specifically, they are using Youthtopia Firming Eye Cream with Rhodiola.

Rhodiola is a Siberian plant that survives, nay thrives, the most adverse conditions, from radiation to oxygen deprivation.  Extreme cold is nothing to this plant. Due to this robustness, it is usually taken as a supplement to treat everything from low libido to stress. It is used more rarely as a topical product, but it does seem to have skin healing properties and there are some studies that have shown that rhodiola can zap away cancerous cells.

The other key ingredient in Origins Youthtopia is phytosphingosine. This is supposed to restore damaged skin and strengthen the skin structure. It is also effective at controlling acne.

The San Franciscans are also using Origins Youthtopia Skin Firming Lotion with Rhodiola.