This morning I tried Remergent Age Retaliator Serum for the first time. I'm not going to attempt to review it for at least a few weeks. I will share, however, that I've looked in more detail at Age Retaliator Serum's ingredients and I am a little disappointed.

To back up briefly; I was originally interested by Remergent's approach, which is to try to repair DNA. The company's website outlines some proprietary formulas that looked interesting and scientifically plausible. The detailed ingredients list on the packaging of the serum tells a more mundane story.

There are some nice looking plant extracts such as sandalwood, barley, arabidposis and rutaecarpa fruit that all probably have anti-oxidant properties. Then there is shark oil (widely used in Japanese cosmetics; I hope it doesn't come from sharks that are being over-fished) and plankton extract. Remergent also contains micrococcus lysate, which is supposed to repair UV damage and can be found in other products, and ergothioneine, an anti-oxidant.

I couldn't find a single ingredient that wasn't being used by other potion makers. Now, the combination and concentrations may well be unique. And there certainly doesn't seem to be anything on the list that could be harmful or overly-powerful.

I am very happy with Image Skincare's serum, but it contains AHAs and I like to rotate it with an anti-oxidant serum. So I'll persevere with Remergent for a few weeks and report back.