Jamia gets to be our reader reviewer for Sekkisei Cream Excellent, which was offered exclusively to our newsletter subscribers. Jamia said:

I’m interested in trying the Kose Sekkisei Cream for a couple of reasons. First is my Japanese-American ancestry and (knowing that historically a ladies complexion was of extreme importance) a curiosity about modern Japanese skincare products. Other than an underwhelming experience with a couple of Shiseido eye creams though, I’ve limited my temptation to try their products so far. My second reason is more specific. Sekkisei Cream is said to suppress melanin production and THAT would be of great interest to me. I seem to have inherited skin that is prone to hyper-pigmentation.


The Sekkisei is all yours. Please email samples at truthinaging.com with your address and Sekkisei in the subject line.