The other day I tried the brand new Shakti Resculpting Body Lotion by Tracie Martyn and posted a quick review. The bottom line is that I didn't love it. I did want to give it a second chance because by and large I think Tracie Martyn makes good quality products based on natural ingredients. I gave a second bottle to a friend to try out.

Given my friend's verdict, I won't be buying a third bottle (at $150 a pop). Now before I reveal what she said, I should point out that my friend - like me - is a devoted fan of Tracie's Amla cleanser. That is why I picked her to check out Shakti. Frankly, she was disappointed.

Compared to Amla, she said, the texture, smell and usability all leave something to be desired. The texture isn't really nourishing enough to be a moisturizer; it's sticky without being nourishing. The usability isn't great because it takes a lot of rubbing in. "I'm confused" reported back my friend. "Because it isn't moisturizing, do I need to just see this as a cellulite/firming cream? In which case, I also need a moisturizer. Two products after the shower is too much work."

Neither of us liked the smell, which my friend likened to "one of those nasty Dr Haushka products, the grainy facial wash".

Now the final category is performance and, to be fair to Shakti, we'll need to give it a bit longer to see if it works as a firming, anti-cellulite treatment.