I am not courageous when it comes to exfoliators and approached Stem Organics Smooth Skin Exfoliant with my usual trepidation. Things that scrub tend to rub me up the wrong way (due to a tendency to rosacea).

Enzyme exfoliators, based on pineapple for example, dissolve skin cells rather than slough them off. I have been using Tracie Martyn's enzyme exfoliant for years, but I've never really been in love with it. So I've had my antenna out for an alternative. With Stem Organics, I may have found it.

Stem's exfoliant does scrub (rather than dissolve), using bamboo extract, but does so with extreme gentleness. This product also contains Stem's two signature ingredients: pomegranate (an anti-oxidant with a clinical pedigree to prove it) and kakadu plum (an obscure Australian fruit that has more vitamin C than a gazillion oranges).

Incidentally, the preservative used is called sodium hydroxymethylglycinate. As far as I can tell, this has been tested and found to be non-irritating, non-toxic and non-sensitizing. I did find one anecdotal - but unsubstantiated - reference to it being irritating to the eyes.