Our Rating: 5 stars

You are not just humble readers turning in a few words in return for a freebie. You are influencers, helping the wheels of cosmetic capitalism turn in ever more innovative ways to bring better products to market. Take Quench by Your Best Face ($15 in the shop). One reviewer said that Your Best Face need to be much better than Burt's Bees in the lip salve department to justify its higher price point. We all noted the grainy, clumping texture.

YBF listened and has come back with a new, reformulated Quench that aims to please on every level.

I had forgiven the original version of Quench for its lack of structural stability (lumps falling off) and its decidedly gritty feel - a pretty big forgive - because it seemed to transform my lips from frayed to kissable in the matter of an hour. Still, I must admit that the grainy lumpy (grumpy?) thing only got worse the longer I carried it around in my purse.

I've been using new, improved Quench over the weekend and can report that clumping is a thing of the past. The texture is smooth and all is still intact. But what really impresses me is that Your Best Face has looked at the whole formula and sent back an even better anti-ager.

Quench has spin trap. This shouldn't be a surprise since this busy little molecule that seeks out free radicals before they spin out of control is Your Best Face's signature ingredient (to be found, for example in my favorite eye cream, YBF's Correct). An exciting newcomer to the YBF oevre is lipochroman-6. This takes radical scavenging to a whole new level by going after reactive nitrogen species (RNS), which can cause cellular damage and oxidative damage to proteins. Scientists are coming to believe that oxidative damage to proteins may be the most important factor in aging. This is all so interesting that I will return to RNS and lipochroman-6 in a later post.

I was sorry to see that argan oil has not made it through to the final round with Quench. However, meadowfoam oil is still with us. It is very stable due to its fatty acid composition (each seed is 60% omega-9 fatty acids). In practice, it behaves like a safe silicone, adding gloss and helping with the retention of moisture. Meanwhile, blueberry is a source of vitamin E, carotenoids and antioxidants.

Ingredients in the new Quench

Beeswax, cupuacu butter, ethyhexyl palmitate, meadowfoam seed oil, triglyceride, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, vitamin E, blueberry seed oil, phenyl butyl nitrone (spin trap), clementine oil, lipochroman-6

Ingredients in the original Quench

Argan oil, olivem, meadowfoam seed oil, watermelon seed oil, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate (vitamin C), blueberry seed oil, rice bran wax, micronized zinc oxide, peppermint oil, clementine oil