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Dealing With Razor Nicks

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Face Care for Men
March 26, 2011 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments
When I was younger, I never quite understood what those white flakes with red dots were on men in movies and pictures. It wasn’t until I began to shave that I realized that toilet paper was a quick fix- if you gave yourself a nasty cut. These days, it isn’t the only option and it probably shouldn’t be your first option with so many products on the market aimed at helping you ease your shaving woes.

The products truly do vary and can be actually beneficial or just a style piece, I’ll break it down below.

Most practical: A while back, our reader David pointed out the Nick Stick from Pacific Shaving Company. This was a pretty cool treatment that can help stop the bleeding sooner. Compared to the others, it’s the best because it has vitamin A & vitamin E along with aloe so you'll heal and stay moisturized.

Best value: The alum bar was probably in your grandfathers shaving kit back in the day, and for good reason. The bars main job was to be a shaver’s best friend, stopping bleeding from nicks thanks to its naturally extracted alum. Most bars also carry potassium which gives it antiseptic and astringent properties to help tone skin and close pores after shaving. Alum bars have also been used as deodorant and blemish reducers. Unlike other nick treatments which just address the wound, alum bars are rubbed onto the entire area post shave as a way of preventing irritation.

Coolest looking: French company HOMMAGEcan be considered the Rolls-Royce of shaving. They’re designs for some of their products are outrageous and a pricey. A simple shaving razor can cost up to $500, which is why I was surprised to see their simple styptic matchsticks. They come packed into matchstick case and you pull them much the same way you would with matches and apply them to your face. For $15 you get three packs of “matchsticks” which would be about $5 for about 20 applications. Unfortunately, these sticks are just made up alum, they don’t have potassium, or even vitamins and minerals you would expect from such a high end brand. But, they are the most interesting looking and would be a nice gift for the person always on the move, they can easily toss one of these packs in his/her suitcase or just leave it in his bathroom as a conversation piece.

While these products are marketed towards men, they are just as beneficial to women. Next time, avoid dabbing with toilet paper and invest in a good nick treatment so you can avoid unsightly blemishes.

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