deciem grow gorgeous hair serum

Our Rating: 4 stars

Reviewed by Marta on February 1, 2016


As you know, I am so committed to healthy hair growth that I created my own copper peptides-based line of hair care. So, I was very intrigued to discover Grow Gorgeous made by Deciem (the company behind my new finds from Niod and Hand Therapy). I have been testing Deciem Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum Intense ($50 in the shop), which promises to make “hair visibly denser, longer, thicker and fuller in no time.” Could such hubris really take me to hirsute?

I was impressed Grow Gorgeous from the get go. Unlike many hair serums, which are oils (and oily), Hair Density Serum Intense is water based, is light and easily absorbed into the scalp. The dropper makes it easy enough to apply directly to the scalp and then I used finger tips to rub it in (the scalp, not the hair shaft, as per directions). I used it on my damp scalp after having washed my hair and before drying it. I found that on drying my hair, I had a little more volume and the hair at the base of the shaft was not only lifted, but also looked shiny and healthy.

I should note that I did not use the product daily as instructed but 3-4 times per week after washing my hair. I did experiment with using it on dry hair, but found that my roots would look damp and dark and it made brushing my hair difficult without spreading the serum along the shaft and things getting a bit messy looking. Really, this wouldn’t be a big deal on a day at home, but not quite in line with power dressing for work.

After a couple of months of using Grow Gorgeous, my take is that my hair is healthier and stronger. My hair started thinning with the onslaught of menopause and my hairline was visibly thinning. Hence I developed and faithfully use my Truth Vitality Advanced Complex ($59-79 in the shop) and the True Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. I use the Complex on my hairline after every wash and it keeps my hairline intact. Grow Gorgeous does not on its own do that, but I feel certain that it augments my treatments and is complementing my hair care regimen.

The star ingredient goes by the name of Capixyl and is a peptide with red clover extract. I started looking into this ingredient myself a few months ago and it is supposed to stop the hair loss process and help hair grow. Another complex with green tea and larch tree bark is also touted as a “hair growth galvanizer”, as is pea sprout extract (although I haven’t found independent research on these). Caffeine is also associated with hair growth and wheat germ with hair strengthening. Amongst the botanical extracts, there’s skullcap with flavonoids including baicalin, an anti-inflammatory.

Although Grow Gorgeous is not without its controversial ingredients, some that look worrisome turn out to be benign, for example PPG-26-Buteth-26 and the chelating ingredient trisodium ethylenediamine disuccinate. More controversial are butylene glycol, chemical fragrances and phenoxyethanol.