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Deciem Hair is Fabric Anti-Aging Support Review

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Dull Hair
Deciem Hair is Fabric Anti-Aging Support
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June 8, 2016 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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A deep-conditioning cowash that provides little in the way of anti-aging


Doesn't weigh down hair


No extra volume, confusing packaging

Kinga K.

Deciem Hair is Fabric Anti-Aging Support ($55/6 oz.) comes in a recycled box, looking very natural and appealing for those who try to live naturally. The content is a 6 oz tube. Before using it for the first time, I was looking for instructions since this is an all-in-one product. I have to say, I did not find much. It says to put it on wet hair, massage it in and leave it for 3 minutes. Further down on the box it has a little table with big numbers — let’s check it out, I thought. Here's what it said: cleansing coeff. 3; conditioning coeff 10; activation time (mins) 3 (see image below). Am I the only one who has no idea what the above means? There is no explanation of symbols anywhere, meaning its hard to guess what “cleansing coeff. 3” means. What is 3? 3 out of what? If 3 out of 10,  does this mean that it has less than good cleaning power? Needless to say, I was confused.

Part of the Hair is Fabric box with confusing ingredients

Close-up of the confusing HIF box

I refused to go to the manufacturer’s website. I believe that when we buy a product, we should be able to figure out its usage  from instructions that come with them. "Silly me, there is probably a leaflet inside the box," I thought. But no such luck. Giving up on the notion of educating myself before use, I dived into my shower to give this product a try. The consistency is creamy and thick but it goes on easy and it allows to be spread easily. Being concentrated, a little goes a long way. I overdid it the first time (like Marta) and had a lot of rinsing to do.

Those of us who shampoo our hair twice during the same wash, I am not sure how this would work with HIF since I have to leave it on for 3 minutes to activate something. I say "something" because nowhere it is explained what we are activating. While in the shower, I could not help wondering "what happens if I leave it less then 3 minutes?" I wanted to give it a fair try so after applying, I tied my hair up and left it on while carrying on with my cleansing duties. After scrubbing myself twice, I was wondering what else can I do to let the time pass? I concluded that 3 minutes is a long time to spend in the shower to wait for a cleaning product to actually start cleaning. A lot of water goes to waste and I am not a person who wants to stand in the shower naked and be cold while my hair cleaner decides to activate itself.

After a few minutes (I have no idea if I made it to 3 or not) I rinsed and styled as normal. I saw no difference in my hair from the usual, which for me is good. The conditioning power didnt weight my hair down but I got no extra volume either. The scent is strong. Not bothersome, but not for everyone; it’s flowery and not very natural. Since this was not a gender-specific product, I would assume that it’s for both men and women. After all, we all do dry cleaning, right? However, no men would use HIF due to its strong feminine scent. Would I buy this product given its hefty price tag? I would not replace my Truth Vitality Shampoo with HIF.

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