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Deciem Inhibitif Body Hydrator Review

Deciem Inhibitif Body Hydrator
July 21, 2017 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
TRU Rating
More maintenance is likely required to keep skin smoother longer after shaving or waxing


Hydrating, soothing and reduces the irritation associated with hair removal


Did not slow body hair growth as promised

By Erin F.

Deciem Inhibitif Body Hydrator ($16) claims to reduce and slow body hair growth, so I was pretty enthusiastic to test it as I’m the perfect candidate. I have quite possibly the world’s fastest growing hair. My lower legs have stubble by the end of the day when they’ve been shaved and even waxed areas have regrowth after only two weeks. I also have plenty of body hair. This cream definitely had its work cut out for it, so I figured if it could manage to slow down my hair growth, then it would be especially promising for those with less robust body hair growth.

First, the claims from the company: It visibly minimizes hair growth, reduces need for frequent hair removal, reduces irritation and redness, and finally, results are to be seem from two weeks. I had to dig a bit to find out more about the plant-based active molecules used in this cream. They turned out to be chelidonine, an extract from the poppy family which the manufacturer claims slows hair growth and reduces inflammation (via reduction in inflammatory prostaglandins), and dihydromyricetin, a flavone from the Japanese Raisin Tree. According to a small study of 15 volunteers performed by the manufacturer, 90 percent noticed less hair and 80 percent noticed thinner hair after 63 days.

The rest of the ingredients are moisturizing agents, such as hyaluronic acid, and fillers. With ingredients like phenoxyethanol and butylene glycol, this is not a formula for purists.

Now, on to my experience with Inhibitif: The cream is quite thick but non-greasy, and although the package claims that the cream is “aroma neutral” and fragrance isn’t listed as an ingredient, it has a fairly-strong floral scent. It did not bother me; however, it might be an issue if someone is very sensitive to fragrance. I’m guessing that the scent comes from the natural preservatives farnasol and linalool, which are quite fragrant in their own right.

I tested Inhibitif for 30 days, applying it twice a day as directed. I chose to test the cream on my lower legs, which I shaved every other day, and on my bikini line, which I waxed. I used Inhibitif just on one side of both legs and my bikini line, using the other as the control for comparison. It left my skin feeling comfortable and moisturized, and it was somewhat soothing and did seem to prevent irritation.

As for slowing my hair growth, I unfortunately did not notice an appreciable difference in the treated side versus the non-treated side. I don’t know if it was because 30 days isn’t long enough to see results, or if my follicles just didn’t respond. The tube is fairly small to treat large areas twice a day, so I’m not sure it is worth it. I had hoped that Inhibitif might be a miraculous solution to my fast-growing body hair, but it was not.

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