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Deciem NIOD Hydration Vaccine Review

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Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Fine Lines, Redness, Sensitive Skin
Deciem NIOD Hydration Vaccine
February 3, 2017 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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A supercharged shot of hydration that creates a protective seal to retain the skin's moisture


Deeply hydrates, softens and soothes skin, temporarily plumps


Not for purists

By Julie J.

I live in the mid-west where in winter months it’s cold outside and very, very dry inside due to the constant blast of heat being used, thus wreaking havoc on skin to most everyone who lives here. My almost 60-year-old skin is extremely sensitive and dry, so I was thrilled to be chosen to test the Deciem NIOD Hydration Vaccine ($55 in the shop) to see how it could help. 

First, the Deciem website is brilliant and provides amazing detailed info on the ingredients it incorporates in their product lines — NIOD, Hylamide, Chemistry and more — to create cutting edge results. The Hydration Vaccine comes in a very sturdy slide type box which houses a bottle that resembles the old glass Elmer glue containers — minus the brush. Germaphobes may make noise about the container not being a pump, but the consistency of the product would prohibit this, so I give huge kudos for the creative nature of this presentation.

The vaccine is not really a cream, nor a gel, and definitely not a serum. It is a thicker substance that instantly is absorbed by the skin.  Truly remarkable considering when you first touch it feels and looks so thick. The directions specify a small amount to be used morning and night.  This is a bit tricky as it is hard to discern the correct amount needed. By the second week of use, I was relegating a swipe on each half of my face and blending in, then adding a bit more to my forehead. I have done as directed and layered this on after my serum but prior to moisturizer.

As I mentioned, the “moisturizer supplement” just melts into your skin when applied.  You really won’t feel it on your face after you massage it in. I started seeing long-term results at the end of week two. I had several areas that were really dry, so that is what I truly focused on and was hoping for results. They were realized at the end of the second week: The dry, irritated skin and all that flakiness that goes with it was gone. I did not have any adverse reactions to this product, which is a stellar accomplishment in itself. My skin is beyond sensitive, and I have had so many reactions to products that to find one that does not irritate is pretty incredible.

The primary motivation behind the Hydration Vaccine, along with most of Deciem’s products, is hydration and skin health.  They equate healthy skin with hydrated skin. The vaccine is hyped as a “breathing, adaptive seal for the face” that protects and supports production of the skin’s natural moisturizing factors. NIOD which stands for Non-Invasive Options in Dermal Science and utilizes some non-traditional ingredients to ensure skin has the utmost moisturizing experience.  There is a lot of science and chemistry involved in their products. They are big on utilizing amino acids and minerals to correct and boost the body’s ability to restore moisturize from within.  

Fungi composite organisms are front and center in the Hydration Vaccine, boasting of their ability to help restore the skin’s water density thereby reversing signs of aging. It also uses blue algae that provides a breathable protective film for the skin while stem cell technology allows skin to repair and retain its own water. Also included are some complex compounds that ping off of each other with an enzyme reactive glucosamine that creates regeneration and additional increased hydration. 

Some complex sugars, as well as mango butter in its purest form, provide the smooth consistency that simply melts into the skin. Finally, I have to mention the peat moss — yep, you read correctly! Peat moss holds the moisture in place while polypody fern biomolecules, plant squalene and additional potent doses of supplemental amino acids and minerals round out the mission statement of the Hydration Vaccine to ensure the skin is boosted with and helps the body create NMF.

I am most impressed and have become a true believer of Deciem products — having recently purchased their Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate which is amazing — and would highly recommend the Hydration Vaccine for anyone who is suffering from dry, irritated skin. It does what it says it will and more. After a few weeks, you will see noticeable improvement and I can give an emphatic testimonial that this product will not irritate even the most sensitive of skin.

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