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Deciem NIOD Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist Review

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Age Spots, Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Fine Lines, Sun Spots, Sunburn, Uneven Skin
Deciem NIOD Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist
July 31, 2017 Reviewed by Marta 1 Comment
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Not to be mistaken as a toner, this mist treats oxidative stress, water loss and inflammation, all of which contribute aging skin.


Hydrates, smooths skin and reduces roughness


Not for purists

A concentrated spray with a potent antioxidant is the new go-to in my anti-aging arsenal. This is a product that I never knew I needed and now cannot do without. Deciem NIOD Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist ($50) is a truly unique product that brings added value to my regimen.

Like most of you, I don’t consider mists or toners a must-have — although they have a useful role — but this is not a mist (despite the name) or toner. It is an effective vehicle for delivering an antioxidant-rich form of hydration, and I think it stands alone as a product category.

To appreciate this, it is worth considering the qualities of superoxide dismutase and some of the challenges it presents to formulators. Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is considered to be the most powerful antioxidant that our bodies make. It overpowers the damaging reactions of the most common and dangerous free radical, superoxide. It also prevents UV damage and even the appearance of sunburn.

Natural Superoxide dismutase levels in the body drop as the body ages, but replacing them has been tricky since the SOD protein molecule is very delicate and easily compromised. This challenge has been overcome by using bioavailable forms of SOD from plant extracts.

Enter Deciem NIOD. It recently reformulated Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist with a potent form of SOD from yeast originally isolated from grape skin, which is particularly good at inhibiting pyrogallol autoxidation. In skin care formulations where you can find SOD, it is typically in small concentrations. Here, it is the most dominant ingredient after water. It is followed by malachite, a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral that offers direct back up for scavenging the superoxide radical.  It also contributes to the very cool blue of this mist.

A new botanical to me is the Peruvian four o’clock flower (which you might guess is a late afternoon bloomer). This is a fascinating plant, whose flowers aren’t really petals, they change their color and are pollinated by nocturnal moths. Anyway, they can reduce inflammation.

Due to some health issues, my skin has been extremely dehydrated of late and NIOD’s mist has been a lifesaver. This is due to the hydrating qualities of a marine polysaccharide that is able to preserve water significantly more than the highest molecular sizes of hyaluronic acid. In its natural habitat, it can preserve water by 60 percent, even in extremely cold temperatures. According to Deciem, it increases skin hydration by more than 35 percent and reduces the look of roughness within two hours.

That has certainly been my personal experience. Along with, I believe, an impact on wrinkles — perhaps because the skin becomes plumper with hydration. Although there are some worthy healing botanicals, there are also some unwanted PEGs and harsh preservatives. Having said that, I have had no adverse reactions. A last comment on the mist concept. As well as allowing a high concentration of extremely hydrating and powerful antioxidants, I have found it fits really easily into my regimen right after cleansing (with the odd spritz during the day if the mood takes me). 

  • June 24, 2018

    by Cassandra

    (5 out of 5)

    I tried this when it first came out and I used up the whole bottle. I hardly ever use up anything. I read your review and decided to buy it again. I recall getting a lot of compliments on my "nice skin" when I used this product.

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