At first, Delizioso's Watermelon & CoQ10 Under Eye Gel ($23) seems like it might be a hidden little gem. It's chock-full of winning ingredients - an Aloe Vera Gel based, filled with everything from olive and avocado oils to Colombian coffee and CoQ10. And then of course there's watermelon, playing the starring role.

According to their website "watermelon is abundant in vitamins A, B, C, lycopene and naturally occurring omega acids." Right there at the top of the ingredient list you'll find watermelon seed oil, and watermelon extract. I wasn't able to find any research on the skin benefits of using watermelon topically. Considering that it's 90% water, I can't imagine it's some undiscovered skincare heavy hitter. But regardless, the other ingredients did have me intrigued and there's absolutely nothing not to like in here.

Now I could go into detail about how it felt going on (like a thin gel), how it smelled (not like watermelon), and how it absorbed into my skin (quickly), but honestly I see no point in indulging you with those details. I'd much rather get to the bottom line. There is one major deal-breaker with this product. Once it dried on my skin it ended up accentuating my fine lines. At first I thought there was a tightening effect ... and there was a superficial one. But as soon as I smiled - or made any expression for that matter - my lines looked so much worse. Sort of like what happens when a face mask dries and you smile. I wish I could give this small, mostly organic, skincare brand a little love, but when you make my peepers look crepe-y, unfortunately I have no love for you.


Aloe Vera Gel (based on organic alginate from seaweed and Irish moss extract), Revita10 Super Anti-Aging ComplexTM including: Watermelon seed oil, CoQ10, Colombian Coffee, and Watermelon Extract, Avocado oil, Extra Virgin Olive oil, Jojoba Proteins, Alpha Hydroxy Acids (derived from organic fruit-Lactic, Tartaric, and Citric), Vitamin C, Organic Extracts of Bilberry, Lemon, Sugar Cane, Sugar Maple, Orange, Essential Oils of Mandarin Red, Citrus Pectin, Antioxidant Complex PreservativeTM.