Auro-Soma is a color therapy system and skin care range. The idea is that you choose four bottles (like the one pictured) from 105 options. The intuitive decision you made indicates your attitude to life, ability to deal with challenges and the kind of body lotion you should use.

Auro-Soma has the best origination myth I have yet come across. It was created by a 66-year old British chiropodist (or what Americans would call a podiatrist), who is clinically blind. She got the idea in a vision whilst meditating; a voice repeatedly told her to "go and divide the waters".

The initial consultation costs $150. You will then get the first of your chosen bottles - your 'soul' bottle. Armed with your personal color system you can move on to, for example, Auro-Soma Green Skin Cream ($34) for healing and open-heartedness.