Bio Jouvance Beauty Globes are one of the silliest things I have ever come across. As you can see from the  image, they are little globes (or bulbs to the English). Spotting them this afternoon, I asked the Bio Jouvance rep what they were for. With a heavy French accent, she explained that you put them in the freezer and then rub them over your face.

I must have looked a little doubtful and confused because she frowned at me in concern and then said brightly, "or the refrigerator".

I picked one up and, holding it in my palm, suddenly realized that the globe was filled with liquid. "Oh", I said with relief, "you rub the liquid on your face and then massage with the globe".

She now looked at me as if I was retarded. "Non", she said firmly, "Don't open, just rub. Will massage your muscles." She mimed holding a Beauty Globe in each hand and rubbing them against her cheeks.

I decided not to fork out $65 for a box (although part of me was tempted to because I don't think people are going to believe me). I guess I just haven't seen the light.

UPDATE 4/29/2008: Today I went for monthly session with my esthetician, Ildi Pekar. Just about the first thing she said was "I've got something to tell you, well I'm going to show you something without saying anything." She triumphantly produced two Beauty Globes. She claims that (probably because they are ice cold) they are great for closing pores after a deep cleanse. Now Ildi is a perfectly sensible, grounded woman and so I may have to reassess my opinion (extremely low) of Beauty Bulbs. On the other hand, there are otherwise sane people out there with a thing for crystals.