Borba (those nice people who brought you $100 vitamin water and vitamin gummi bears) have scored a hat trick: a third mention in Truth In Aging's Dept of Daft. This time they have come up with a two-step home dermabrasion kit that will give you "HDTV-ready skin". That's HDTV as in high-def television. The magical ingredient are "plasma crystals" (I am guessing that this is 'plasma' as in plasma TV screen?).

The idea behind Borba HD-Illuminating Plasma Crystals ("inspired by HDTV") is that "prismatic micro-diamonds exfoliate skin" and "plasma technology" promotes bright skin. I think the folks at Borba must have a new marketing person who joined them from Best Buy and hasn't made the transition from consumer electronics yet.

Naturally, this is all gobbledegook and there are no crystals in this stuff. Its the usual emulsifiers that go into creams, baking powder (I kid you not), two highly irritating preservatives, rice powder, vitamin C and right at the very, very end some silver and diamond powder.