Dior's Capture Totale range is both amusing and annoying. The amusing part is that the marketing department came up with a mythical anti-aging ingredient. The annoying part is that it isn't even in the creams in this range (eye or night cream). I suppose that's consistent with it being mythical. Still, I don't care to be lied to by a cream.

Dior Capture Totale is supposed to use the extremely rare longoza plant extract that acts on "20 biological markers responsible for visible skin aging. Longoza is a wild ginger plant that is found in Madagascar. There is no data at all, anywhere that justifies it as an anti-aging ingredient.

For good measure, there is another mystery ingredient called centoline. Like 'Alpha Longoza', this is patented by Dior. There is no third party information on it anywhere.

Perhaps that is why, in the end, Dior decided not to include them amongst the otherwise mundane ingredients of Capture Totale.