Estee Lauder is touting a new version of its Re-Nutriv cream. Ultimate Youth Creme is the result of "cutting-edge" research that allows the Estee Lauder scientists to look "inside" skin cells and identify longevity genes. This led to a new technology called the (a little drum roll is most appropriate here) Youth Molecule. Oh really?

A review of the Youth Molecule reveals that it is a reworking of an ingredient that Estee Lauder has been using in its Re-Nutriv range for some time, resveratrol. This is an anti-oxidant found in red wine and grapes (as well as a few other things such as peanuts). Resveratrol is in all sorts of cosmetic brands and is, of course, the mainstay of the French line, Caudalie. The new version, which Estee Lauder calls Resveratrate, is supposed to be six times better than the old one. Somehow, this is supposed to justify a $250 price tag even though there are no other breakthrough ingredients in Ultimate Youth Creme.

I think I would rather put my $250 towards a few bottles of resveratol in its original form of red wine.