When I saw this I felt tempted to create a new category: Dept of the Insane. Who in their right mind would actually insert this device under their skin?

The Feather Lift procedure (also known as the Russian Lift, Russian Threads, Contour Lift, Silk Lift or APTOS Lift) involves inserting these polypropolene threads with 'barbs' running along one side under the skin in order to prop up sagging cheeks. The barbs lie in one direction and then open up as they are inserted into the subcutaneous fat and then tugged. The Feather Lift is marketed as being less invasive than a facelift. I guess its all a matter of degree.

One of the risks is a tell-tale line. The other, infinitely worse and not at all rare, is that the thread pokes through skin. And that makes puckering and slippage seem, by comparison, fairly acceptable.

And after all this, the results are described by a doctor who makes a living performing this procedure as "subtle".