Guerlain describes its Ochidee Imperiale Serum as a "sumptuous elixir". That alone is enough to get it relegated to the bucket of silly things. The problem is that it comes with a $360 price tag and that is all it takes for some gullible souls to take it seriously. Plus it has an exotic ingredient that claims to work like no other before it. As the name implies, the key ingredient is orchid extract.

Orchids are indeed beautiful, but that doesn't mean they can make you beautiful. Or can they? Orchid extract does seem to be popping in creams and shampoos these days. Furthermore, Guerlain is supposed to have spent seven years cracking the secret of the orchid's longevity. Its scientists looked at 30,000 orchids and rejected all but four as up to the job of making a sumptuous elixir.


The secret is supposed to be in the roots of the orchid (a whole kilo of which goes into making each Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale Serum). Apart from that, there isn't a shred of information about the ingredients in this potion. As for the orchid roots, the most charitable supposition I can make is that this is some kind of meristem. Meristem is plant root extract that makes cells reproduce themselves. Usually meristem is extracted from trees and used in some cosmetics such as the Alaur range. I can't find any information about meristem and orchids.

Until Guerlain provides some detail, Orchidee Imperiale Serum is for the gullible and bewildered.