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Dept of Daft: No!No! FaceTrainer

Reviewed by Marta May 10, 2009 22 Comments
One of my earliest posts was a confessional on my flirtation with daily facial exercises. I'm a bit of an exercise nut and work out my body most days, so I was drawn to the idea that if I did the facial equivalent of a bicep curl, I would fend off wrinkles. And being something of a stickler for seeing things through, I kept at this routine called Facercise night after night, month after month. I can now tell you that gurning in front of a mirror looks ridiculous, is pointless and, with hindsight, a monumental waste of time.

So when I received an email alerting me to the FaceTrainer with an invite to get to know more over a cup of tea at the W Hotel, my first reaction was no!,no!

Which turned out to be spookily prescient because the company that has brought FaceTrainer to the world is called No! No! Why you would decide to create a brand with two negatives and exclamation marks is beyond me. Anyhow, the company's new product, which can be bought on HSN, is even more bizarre.

FaceTrainer is basically a two hundred dollar ski mask (or think balaclava helmet, if you are English). When I first saw it, I assumed that you had to plug it in, or that it came with batteries. You see, if I was going to put this ridiculous thing over my head - having forked out $199 no less - I'd think it only reasonable that it does all the work. It would send, I mused, little electric pulses to my cheek muscles whilst I do the ironing or read The New Yorker. But no (No!). You still have to physically distort your facial muscles, in other words perform some form of Facercise.

It isn't at all clear to me what value add this thing is bringing. Perhaps sweating in it is deemed to be helpful to anti-aging. I presume you do sweat quite profusely because the instructions make quite a big deal out of wiping it out after use.

Who on earth would say Yes! Yes! to this preposterous waste of money. At least the only thing I invested in for Facercise was a $25 (or thereabouts) book. Granted, FaceTrainer does come with a video, user guide, bag for storage and wipes - as you can see from the sophisticated illustration taken from the No! No! website.

Tempting, isn't it. A word of warning before you rush off with your cheque books. No! No! advises replacing the FaceTrainer every four to six months. Did I say waste of money? And, by the way, did I mention that facial excercises don't work.
  • February 23, 2013

    by fhbc

    Facial exercises must be a joke. First, the results are destined to be ripe with placebo effect. Excaserbated by their authors over the top enthusiasm (coming from the dollars rolling in, hardly happiness for others, as might've been the case if their programs combated some serious disease). Moreover those who say the exercises fight wrinkles, other than speaking against expert knowledge of facial anatomy and behavior, have No way of knowing whether they would've looked the same without the facial exercises. That's why controlled trials are done in medicine. The alleged results of facial exercises are purely anecdotal, by a very limited number of 'similar minded' people, based on sales pitches by a handful profit seekers (as opposed to anecdotal results by millions over centuries with no profit motif involved, such as with some herbal treatments).
    Furthermore the before and after pictures of customers are often taken under different light conditions, angles and with different facial expressions on the 'after' picture, with captions emphasizing 'positive results' thereby skewing the viewer's impression and reducing the programs credibility further. Lastly there is no proof whatsoever, that if the after picture does show an improvement that it wasn't from some other anti aging treatment.

  • January 18, 2013

    by BUNNY

    I nearly had a Dermatologist destroy my skin by telling me my rash, which was a reaction to chocolate, was in fact acne..
    At any rate, if you understand that most of medicine is based on studies of questionable authenticity, yOu begin to understand what is truly going on. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GOOGLE: NEJM editor: “No longer possible to believe much of clinical research published

  • July 14, 2012

    by Danny

    Just had to say this !! 10 years ago my mum had breast cancer . They removed her lymph nodes and she got lymphodema in one of her arms . They gave her a very special elasticated sleeve that went from her armpit all the way to a hand glove . If she takes off the sleeve you will see the most incredible smooth skin that's pure and white and has not a single mark on it and not a wrinkle in sight . It's like a baby's arm compared to her other arm which is a 70 yr old ladies arm . It's astonishing ! Shocks people when they see it . No cream or surgery or serum could ever make such a dramatic difference . Next question is how can this simple method be used on the face without being so tightly bound like a mummy , well not my mummy but you know the other kind :)

  • July 12, 2012

    by M2

    Hi Ira,

    Like you, I was looking for Ageless you dareduring the 2010 period. They were practically not exixstnt but I keep looking till this year 2012 in June, I found them at their new website:

    I bought it and have been using for about three weeks now and I like the results its giving my cheeks!

    Anyway, some docs may be exercising but they keep it hush hush or else no one will go to the for procedures, haha!

  • June 11, 2012

    by confused

    This is a message for NOnie, Ihope you are still reading this!
    I saw your photos on A website and read that you had been unhappy about ''resistance'' training.
    I assume it was the flex effect?
    I purchased the program last year and only opened it yesterday (...) I am really scared of doing something to my face I would regret...
    Any input on that?
    Do you know anyone else who wasn't satisfied?

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