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Dept of Daft: Ojon Tawaka "The Ball"

June 15, 2008 Reviewed by Marta 0 Comments
Ojon's marketing department does not disappoint. First they came up with one of the more amusing origination myths. For those of you who don't know it, it is worth a quick diversion. Ojon's founder, a humble but curious advertising exec, came across a pot of his wife's grandma's hair paste. The grandma came from Honduras and the paste was a secret known only to a jungle tribe known as Tawaka (people with beautiful hair). He immediately canceled his vacation Disneyland (that's the kind of detail that makes this all so plausible), flew to Honduras and spent hours in a canoe scanning river banks for people with amazing hair.

What he came back with and is seemingly turning into a lucrative venture is coconut oil. But, hey, good luck to him. Anyway, the Ojon folks have now come up with The Ball ($65). It is an exfoliator, but this is no ordinary buffer. It has the same antioxidant properties as 2,834 pounds of blueberries. Not 2,835; no temptation to round it up. See, these are detail people.  The other thing I really like is that the "ancient" blend of ingredients are rare and "wildcrafted". I keep being tempted to misread that as "witchcrafted".

So, there is rare and wildcrafted cocoa and cocoa seed (which, to be fair, are indeed antioxidant, although a Cornell University study recently awarded top slot to blueberries followed by cranberries, apples and grapes). There are plenty of coconut palm derivatives (to be expected as this is the Ojon signature ingredient).

In all seriousness, I do like the inclusion of some interesting botanicals: bixa orellana (also called annato seed), which is South American plant with strong medicinal properties including an anti-inflammatory; carapa guaianensis; and guarana, which has five times more caffeine than coffee.

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