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Dept of Daft: pherAdore

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Dry Skin
October 2, 2008 Reviewed by admin 2 Comments
Posted by Copley

Upon my introduction to pherAdore at a conference last week, I was skeptical but intrigued.  The daughter of pherAdore's creator held up a glass vial to my face and instructed me to rub its potion under my nose.  Flourishing the vial about like a trained magician, she explained that this concoction is a middle-aged woman's best-kept secret.  She then regaled me with tales of its powers altering the fortunes of her family members, from a marriage proposal to a job offer.  I couldn't resist giving it a try...just in case.

PherAdore was developed by Dr. Pugliese, a dermatologist renowned in the field of anti-aging for his Circadia skincare line.  According to Dr. Pugliese, there is scientific evidence that women become more relaxed and approachable after inhaling a male pheromone.  Because pheromone levels in women typically decrease over time, the thought is that older women can rely on perfume additives laced with pheromones to restore some of the kick they may have lost.  Dr. Pugliese's pherAdore is one of the first pheromone products marketed to women.

What is in this mystery potion, you might ask?  Naturally, the creators can't disclose the secret process behind the concoction, but what they will tell you is that pherAdore is a highly concentrated blend of four genetically-engineered pheromones combined with ylang-ylang oil.  The essential oil from ylang-ylang is commonly used in aromatherapy because it is believed to relieve high blood pressure, reduce anxiety, elevate mood, and act as an aphrodisiac.  The question then becomes, how much of pherAdore's so-called magic can be attributed to pheromones, and how much to mere ylang-ylang?

Pheromones are chemicals secreted by the body that can evoke certain responses in another member of the same species.  The phenomenon of pheromones is well-documented in the animal kingdom, first identified in 1959 as a method of attracting mates.  Though it has been proven that humans produce and detect pheromones, it is still indeterminate how artificial pheromones can manipulate human physiology. Nonetheless, for years, pheromones have been synthesized and sold to consumers as potions to increase sexual attractiveness.

Believers have reported that, after applying a pheromone product, their confidence levels increase and they have more affectionate contact with the opposite sex.  Moreover, there are studies linking pheromones to an attenuation of fatigue, forgetfulness, and depression.  In the case of pherAdore, these pheromone-induced feelings are meant to translate to a heightened sense of one's own attractiveness.  Empowered to be herself, a woman under the spell of pherAdore lets men know when she is interested and that she is desirable.

If you ask me, these women have been drinking the Kool-aid.  In my own experience with pherAdore, I cannot report anything beyond the ordinary.  After rolling pherAdore on my pulse points and under my nose several times a day, I did in fact feel an immediate wave of relaxation as I inhaled the fragrance. But once the ylang-ylang dissipated in less than a minute, there was no earth-shattering chain of biological events.  I have not noticed men swarming around me on the subway and have not received any more catcalls than I normally do on certain city blocks; my boyfriend is no more doting than usual; nor has anything particularly providential occurred in my professional life. Things with pherAdore are status quo.

I suppose I am giving up on my body to respond to bottled pheromones and will just have to rely on what my mother gave me.  If you have any interest in trying out pherAdore for yourself, you can find it on Amazon at the bargain price of $59.95.  In the meantime, this one will go down in the books for the Dept of Daft. And in other news, I am considering launching a new product called placebOdore.
  • October 3, 2016

    by Worked for me

    I was recently introduced to this product...
    My results were very positive. I have a very adorable and adoring husband of more than 20 years. I would recommend this product to the pre-menopausal and older crowd. I'm guessing from the writing style and details provided in this article that the author does not fall into this category. It definitely does help with mood-- may be because of the pleasant smell. Not sure if it is the pheromones, but there is a definite difference. I'm generally a very happy go lucky person with a sweet loving husband and even then it is nice to have a little pick me up. I'm not one to jump in a product bandwagon. I would not recommend if I did not notice a difference. Not sure what it is, but it does work. Body chemistry may have an issue with the author of this article. It may work for some and not all, but that would be true for most. I personally would recommend this product- especially to those in the 40 and older crowd. My personal opinion= great product

  • January 3, 2010

    by Charline

    This is an interesting subject. One of the things I was wondering was what length of time did you wear pheradore? I found an interesting article on youtube where Dr Pugliese discusses pheromone formulations:

    So, I'm wondering if, as we age, we become pheromone deficient from a lack of DHEA or if interact with people in their 20's this can be overcome via their pheromones? The science makes sense (and scents).

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