This mask delivers placenta to your face and is supposed to give "tired, lackluster skin a non-surgical facelift". EMK Placental, a Beverly Hills based company that has just brought out the Texal Mask, doesn't say where it sources its placenta from (humans or sheep?). It does boast at some length about the 16 amino acids that the Texal placenta mask contains.

Fair enough, but don't babies look really wrinkled when they are just born. Is placenta really a credible anti-ager? Not according to the FDA. Years ago, the FDA declared placenta products (supplements or creams) as ineffective and misbranded.

The Texal Mask also contains chitosan. This another somewhat controversial ingredient. It comes from shellfish and is mostly used as a fertilizer. There are disputed claims that it is an effective weight loss drug. I haven't a clue how it contributes to a non-surgical facelift.

Trivia: Marsupial mammals do not produce a placenta