The name of this brand alone, Skindinavia, qualifies it for Dept of Daft. At first blush something that helps your make up last all day seems like a potentially useful thing. But then you give it a bit more thought and conclude that no one in their right minds would spritz their face with Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray.

First of all, the "technology" it supposedly uses sounds like something you would deploy at the end of the production line at Ford Motors. There is the LRY32 Delivery System, which encapsulates millions of nano-spheres. There is the ACB30 Thermal Control Blend (Surface Only), which lowers the make up surface temperature. And then there is the CHO89 Makeup Color Hold, a pigment dispersion system that breaks apart granular colorant groupings.

I can't find anything amongst the ingredients that seem to correspond with any of these actions, whatever the heck they are. There is something called N,2,3-Trimethyl-2-Isopropyl Butamide, but I could only find references to it in chemistry manuals for creating artificial flavors. Oddly enough the ingredients list includes things that sound to me (and what do I know) as if they would remove make up rather than keep it on - eg: solvents and AHAs. Should you decide to give Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray the benefit of the doubt, beware of the sodium hydroxide (an irritant even at very low doses).