chitosan bandage

Proponents of the peel are beginning to gush about a new post-peel aid made from crab shells. The cosmetic surgery site (that unfortunately takes itself more seriously than its name - yesthey' - would suggest) hails it as a new and exciting burn bandage.

The chitosan bandage interacts with our blood cells because its molecules (coming from crab shells) carry a positive charge that stops bleeding. Called the 'War Bandage,' it was recently FDA approved for use on the battlefield.

After mixing the shell extract (harvested in Iceland) with acetic acid and turning it into a gel, the material is cast into tiles, each four inches square and a bit more than half an inch thick. The squares are then freeze-dried in a vacuum chamber. The end result looks like a square beer coaster and smells of  vinegar.

The consumer version will cost over $100 per patch. Only for seriously obsessed combatants in the war on wrinkles.