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Dept of Daft: There's something in the water

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Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Sagging Skin
August 16, 2008 Reviewed by Marta 5 Comments

In Japan, you can buy a bottle of water that contains the placenta of a pig. And the makers aren't messing around with any euphemisms. This bottled water is simply called Placenta 10000, indicating the number of mgs of placenta.

Compassionately, they have worked hard to disguise the smell (ever had a whiff of pig placenta?) with something peachy so that you can enjoy the thought that you will be, as claimed, drinking your way to a younger you without gagging.

Now if placenta water isn't your cup of tea, then you could always reach for a bottle of H2Om. If Placenta 10000 is on the gross side, H20m is refreshingly hilarious. Its the first "interactive" spring water. And if you think that sounds a bit silly, wait for this. It has been infused with "words, music, colors and symbols" all of which will give you "positive intentions".

H2OM may not make you shed years. But it will make you vibrate. At least according to the testimonials. I was almost in tears reading through some of them. Here's a little flavor: "We are made of energy. we are energy sources and when our energy vibrates at a higher frequency because we are filling ourselves up with Positive Intentions, which changes us on a molecular level, we vibrate at a higher frequency, the realm of spirit and then we can soar".

Actually, they are so good, I'll give you another: "After visiting your booth at the show, we looked at each other in excitement as we both sensed a very high vibrational field. We then verified through a kinesiology test that the H2OM product calibrated at the level of 499, which is extraordinarily high."

Oddly enough, I slept on this and woke up wondering how they actually do the infusion process. It turns out that they use a scientifically proven, trade marked process called Hydration Vibration. It doesn't get much better than this.

It is all beginning to make Borba water look sensible. No wait, I'm a little overcome. I take that back. Borba Skin Balance Water is decidedly daft. Chin, chin.

  • January 6, 2009

    by Sarah Miller

    Wow. After all of my internet surfing and blog posts, I finally came across a product that caught my attention. Just yesterday, I was browsing the bottled water section at Whole Foods when I came across a new brand with a really cool looking logo and labels that read “Joy”, “Peace”, “Health”, and “Prosperity” featuring instructions to visualize this intent while drinking the contents. Intrigued, I bought some and brought it home. It tasted fresher and cleaner than other waters - and hopefully my chosen intent (Prosperity, of course), will manifest.

    Now, my curiousity was piqued even more so I chose to visit the company website. H2Om has a very interesting story to tell. The water itself comes from a natural spring water source in San Diego, from the 420,000 acre Cleveland National Forest. Bedrock mortars and metates indicate that Native Americans have enjoyed this spring for over 14,000 years - and it is filtered to a depth of 300 feet before rising to the surface through the hardened granite. The company then treats it with UV light, submicron filters it, and cleanses it with Ozone which is MUCH more efficient than chlorine at removing bacteria. The water is then treated with audio frequencies, sounds, music,color and light according to its intended purpose.

    Scientific studies have shown that water is impressionable, and can hold intent or thought frequencies. As our bodies are 90% water, it makes sense to me that drinking this kind of water could have a positive impact.

    Also from the company website:

    “A portion of our proceeds will benefit the International Water for Life Foundation, the Love Planet Foundation, an environmental education organization dedicated to the protection of the planet for future generations.”

    Awesome! And it was reasonably priced to boot.

    It is refreshing to see that this Southern California company is leading the way and setting new standards in the bottled water industry while simultaneously inspiring people to participate in creating a better world by focusing their thoughts on creating positive intentions and eco awareness. So if you haven’t gone to the site while reading this, here is a rundown of H2Om Water with Intention.

    What is H2Om?
    H2Om is a natural spring water, no flavors or additives, bottled in a BPA-free PET1 bottle which is 100% recyclable. The positive themed labels are designed be used as a means to direct your focus towards creating intention. They serve as a reminder to activate your attention and create positive energy throughout your day.
    H2Om’s commitment to you and the planet. First and foremost, H2Om has sourced the cleanest, most pure, high mountain spring water. (see my description above) The water emanates from a 4000 ft elevation and is naturally filtered through a granadorite rock formation. It is then brought down the mountain in a stainless steel transport vehicle, and ecologically filtered by UV light, sub micron filtration and then ozonated with Oxygen 3, the most healthy and natural way to clean water.

    But wait… what about the plastic bottles? H2om’s BPA-free plastic bottle resin molds are manufactured in an eco-friendly hydro powered plant in Costa Rica, and the bottles are made locally in the US at their Los Angeles bottling plant. H2Om bottles contain no harmful chemicals that could leach into the water and are guaranteed to be Bisphenol-A and Phlalate free. The bottles are 100% recyclable, including the polypropolene labels. H2Om, in collaboration with it’s bottle manufacturer, is now testing the stability of an exciting new organic mineral that will be added to the plastic resin to break it down into nothing but water and oxygen after six months in the outdoor sunlight (coming soon). This will mean, whether in the ocean or landfill, the bottle will not contaminate or harm the environment. H2Om’s mission for sustainability is also represented by route managed deliveries, using tree free and 100% recycled papers and products, and having virtual offices, which are more energy efficient.

    What about carbon emissions? In early 2007 H2Om became partners with and was featured as one of their top 20 companies creating positive change on the planet while offsetting their entire carbon footprint. For more information on retail outlets or to order online visit

    I am sort of a bottled water snob, but I do have this to say is, “I think this is a great product. The water tastes clean and pure. I actually followed the instructions and found some benefit to it. I also think it’s cool that the power of my purchase created some good on the planet, besides the good it did for me. Too bad there are not more companies following H2Om’s lead to educate, get people involved and be a part of creating something positive on the planet”

    Try it out next time you’re in Whole Foods or your favorite health food market.

  • August 17, 2008

    by LEx

    <p>From time to time,I myself like to have positive thoughts with a glass of single malt as well. And yes, any water will do. Now, if you drink filtered municipal water, you can even focus on the pharmaceuticals, and birth control medicine in it. I prefer natural spring water. positive thoughts are good to have if you can sort them out from cynical sarcastic disbelief that most of us are programed to have. But I honor your right to believe whatever you choose. I find that believing in things that provide me with possibilities and wonder excite me. And what if water is receptive, we are made of water, we live on a water planet. I certainly "feel" different when someone says "I love you" to me, as opposed to them saying, "fu@k you". I "get" the vibe. So now, with H2Om, I am reminded to create the "vibe". Do it with a glass of milk if you prefer. H2moo. </p>

  • August 17, 2008

    by Mike626

    <p>All due respect, but I would hardly classify "What the Bleep Do We Know?" as a quantum physics movie inasmuch as I would classify it as claptrap.</p>

    <p>The application of quantum physics principals to the macro scale is simply irrational. It's the scale itself that makes those quantum properties possible.</p>

    <p>As for 'Doctor' Emoto and his 'experiments', Emoto doesn't have a PhD and he's not a physicist. He has a certificate from an open university as a 'doctor' of alternative medicine.</p>

    <p>H2Om may be an excellent product, but is is only water. Reflecting on positive thoughts may be beneficial, but you certainly don't need a special water to do it, any water will do.</p>

    <p>Personally, I like to reflect on positive thoughts with a glass of single malt. </p>

  • August 16, 2008

    by marta

    <p>Thank you Lex for responding - and so promptly. Given what a curmudgeon I am, I could probably stand to benefit from H20m and some positive energy.</p>

  • August 16, 2008

    by Lex

    <p>Hi,<br />
    thanks for mentioning H2Om. My name is Lex I am the founder of the company. I guess we're still not explaining it properly. The interactive part of the water is you. Our slogan is "think it while you drink it." You use the positive words on the label as a tool to remind you to keep the focus of your thoughts on positive energies such as Gratitude, Prosperity and Love. If you have seen any of the science journals that came out of Stanford and Penn State in 2006, or quantum physics movies like "What the Bleep do we Know?!" then you'll have seen the studies illustrating the concept that "Water is Receptive". Water shows significant changes in it's crystaline structure when exposed to specific stimuli (like music, or words). (Go to to see some of the images that a Japanese water researcher named Masaru Emoto photographed. pretty cool stuff).<br />
    Anyway, we thought if water does have a receptivity quality to it, then let's, as a bonus, make sure that the positive words were on the inside of the label, and let's play frequencies that health practitioners have been using for centuries, to the water once it’s in the bottle. Sounds a bit wacky, but I have seen the science behind it and I believe that it sure couldn't hurt to be supporting positive energy on the planet.</p>

    <p>I certainly don’t think that we’d be anywhere near the Placenta 10000. H2Om is pure mountain spring water. No flavors or additives.</p>

    <p>Thanks ☺<br />

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