In Japan, you can buy a bottle of water that contains the placenta of a pig. And the makers aren't messing around with any euphemisms. This bottled water is simply called Placenta 10000, indicating the number of mgs of placenta.

Compassionately, they have worked hard to disguise the smell (ever had a whiff of pig placenta?) with something peachy so that you can enjoy the thought that you will be, as claimed, drinking your way to a younger you without gagging.

Now if placenta water isn't your cup of tea, then you could always reach for a bottle of H2Om. If Placenta 10000 is on the gross side, H20m is refreshingly hilarious. Its the first "interactive" spring water. And if you think that sounds a bit silly, wait for this. It has been infused with "words, music, colors and symbols" all of which will give you "positive intentions".

H2OM may not make you shed years. But it will make you vibrate. At least according to the testimonials. I was almost in tears reading through some of them. Here's a little flavor: "We are made of energy. we are energy sources and when our energy vibrates at a higher frequency because we are filling ourselves up with Positive Intentions, which changes us on a molecular level, we vibrate at a higher frequency, the realm of spirit and then we can soar".

Actually, they are so good, I'll give you another: "After visiting your booth at the show, we looked at each other in excitement as we both sensed a very high vibrational field. We then verified through a kinesiology test that the H2OM product calibrated at the level of 499, which is extraordinarily high."

Oddly enough, I slept on this and woke up wondering how they actually do the infusion process. It turns out that they use a scientifically proven, trade marked process called Hydration Vibration. It doesn't get much better than this.

It is all beginning to make Borba water look sensible. No wait, I'm a little overcome. I take that back. Borba Skin Balance Water is decidedly daft. Chin, chin.