Si-Cap, the makers of Sinus Buster (the 'world's first hot pepper nasal spray') is moving into the anti-aging skin care market with a cream called Youthful Trends. The active ingredient: you guessed it, chili. You can just see the Si-Cap board room and the executive team saying "guys, we've just about conquered the chilli nasal spray market, so where to next. I know, there's millions to be made in skin cream for boomers".

Before giving Youthful Trends and chili as an anti-ager the benefit of the doubt and a quick once over, it is worth a quick detour about Si-Cap and its founder. Si-Cap was started with $300 by this guy who used to go on TV talk shows as a sort of self-defense guru and explain how to spray pepper on an attacker (assuming that they are also on foot, unarmed and wearing 4-inch Jimmy Choos). Anyway, he got the idea to sell the spray on eBay to those afflicted by a blocked nose and just did a $1m in sales, so good on him. If you want to know more, there is a somewhat surreal Sinus Buster channel on YouTube.

Youthful Trends has some collagen and acetyl-hexapeptide 3 (a neurotransmitter that supposedly renders facial muscles inactive). So where does the chili come in? Well, chili stimulates blood flow and that encourages the skin to absorb the other ingredients. Right. Can't think how I've managed without it.